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Just like any other component in your computer, Microsoft has come out with a steady stream of operating systems and service packs. At PC Pitstop, we have an insider’s view into the world of Microsoft Windows.

In particular, we have a front row seat to the rate at which Microsoft’s latest operating system, Vista, is being accepted into the market place. These charts are updated automatically each month, so bookmark this page to see the latest developments. Mouse over any chart for a more detailed analysis.

Windows 7 now on over half of the PCs

Home Users Make the Switch to Windows 7

Homes More Than Twice As Likely to Have Vista

Businesses Sticking With XP

The Worldwide Switch to Windows 7 is On.

Canada Knows Mojave Is Really Vista.

ROW sticking with XP longer.

Men Abandon Vista if Favor of Windows 7

Men Ramping to Vista

Women Stay Loyal to XP

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