Forsyth Public Schools Overrun with Malware

Forsyth Schools Hacked Forsyth Public Schools, located in Montana was the victim of a major hack over the weekend.  They are uncertain when the hack began, but was identified on Saturday, April 1, 2017.  According to Last Best News, the school received three emails prior to the attack, saying they had to pay a ransom […]

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14 Security Solutions Vulnerable to Double Agent Malware

Double Agent Malware Infects Security Solutions A malware attack dubbed Double Agent has been discovered by security vendor, Cybellum.  It is reported, although this attack has been discovered, it has not been yet witnessed in the public. Double Agent effectively uses a 15 year-old vulnerability within the Windows operating system.  The security gap is associated with […]

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PC Matic or PC Matic Pro — Which Solution is Best for You?

PC Matic

PC Matic Compared to PC Matic Pro Often times, we get questions from potential consumers asking which security solution would best meet their needs, PC Matic or PC Matic Pro.  To address this, we created the table below which provides the different features in each solution.  Additional information regarding each feature is included below.   Automated Global Application […]

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Malware Prevention Tops IT Pros List of Security Priorities

Malware Prevention Deemed Higher Priority Than Detection According to a recent study conducted by Barkley, 51% of IT pros would allocate additional funds to malware prevention over detection and recovery efforts.  This should come as no surprise, considering one in three respondents gave their organizations a failing grade when it comes to prevention of malware […]

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Scammers Obtain Thousands of Employee W-2s After Successful Phishing Attack

Phishing Attack Hits Bloomington Public Schools – Minnesota Star Tribune reported an estimated 2,800 current and former Bloomington Public School employees has their private information stolen after a malicious email scam tricked a school employee to send the information to hackers. The phishing scam requested for all of the 2016 W-2s to be sent to a specific […]

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Is Law Enforcement Doing Enough To Fight Cyber Crime?

The Fight Against Cyber Crime As of January 1, 2017, the state of California began enforcing a law which treats ransomware as a form of extortion.  Wyoming also has a similar law, and Maryland is considering adopting a law specific for the growing cyber crime, ransomware.  Prior to these laws, if a ransomware developer or […]

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Is Your Internet Service Provider Giving You Enough Bandwidth?

Is your internet service provider (ISP) giving you the bandwidth you’re paying for?  How much bandwidth does the average household need?  The use of internet for downloading music and video and other uses has exploded during recent years.  More devices, such as smart TVs,  game consoles and some household appliances are now making use of […]

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Just How Long Has Time Warner Cable Been Ripping You Off??

Spectrum, Previous Time Warner Cable, Involved In Massive Lawsuit New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman made his opinion clear when he announced the lawsuit against Charter, and it’s subsidiarity Spectrum (previously Time Warner Cable – TWC).  According to Hacker News Scheiderman stated, “The allegations in today’s lawsuit confirm what millions of New Yorkers have long […]

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Can You Classify A Malicious Email?

I’m sure at times you think, “Wow–they said it AGAIN.  Think before you click.  We get it already!!”.  But do you?  Do you still look at your emails to confirm they’re coming from someone you know.  Are you checking the email address it came from to ensure it’s legitimate?  Do you hover the links to be sure […]

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Fareit Malware Returns With A Vengeance

The malicious software named “Fareit” has returned, and with a vengeance.  Fareit malware focuses on breaching your computer’s security, in an effort to obtain critical login credentials. The History of Fareit This particular form of malware was discovered in 2012, but has continued morphing throughout the years in an attempt to bypass anti-virus protection. Historically, […]

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PC Matic Receives Top Score From PC Magazine

PC Pitstop, makers of PC Matic, are proud to share that PC Matic received a top score in the recent Malware Blocking Test.  This test was conducted by Neil Rubenking, lead security analyst for PC Magazine.  Rubenking shared in his recent review of G Data Antivirus 2017, his methodology of collecting the malicious URLs.  Rubenking stated, “For […]

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Cleaning Your Computer’s Registry — Is It Necessary?

PC Matic

What is a Registry? Before going into detail about cleaning your computer’s registry, first I want to discuss your registry is.  The registry within your PC holds details about every piece of your computer.  For instance where programs are stored, which programs are in your Start menu, which programs have shared applications, and so much […]

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Malwarebytes Removes PC Matic PUA Categorization

PC Pitstop is pleased to announce that Malwarebytes is no longer flagging PC Matic as a potentially unwanted program. Both applications can once again co-exist on systems. The Malwarebytes detection began on December 5th, and we initiated efforts to resolve the issue. On December 23rd, we made contact with the proper people at Malwarebytes. After […]

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Ransomware – What is it?

Ransomware, or malicious software that encrypts your files, holding them hostage until you pay the ransom demand, took the IT world by storm in 2016.  On many different platforms, I have read about PC users falling victim to ransomware.  Many of these cases are certainly true; however some I have found are actually support scams, […]

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Dodi Glenn and Tom Lawrence Discuss PC Matic and Malwarebytes

PC Matic

Our VP of Cyber Security, Dodi Glenn, sat down to have a conversation with Thomas Lawrence of Lawrence Systems about his video review of PC Matic, Malwarebytes, and the current state of the antivirus industry. Last week, Tom Lawrence put together a video review of our product in response to the current situation between our […]

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PC Matic Dominates with Perfect Virus Detections on the Venerable VB100

In April 2016, we released PC Matic’s Super Shield 2.0 engine at no additional cost. There were numerous improvements in the new engine. Super Shield 2.0 Improvements enhanced signature based detections enhanced hash based detections enhanced DLL detections 100% internally developed and implemented eliminating our reliance on Vipre’s black list engine new script based detections […]

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Windows Operating Systems Life Cycle – End of Extended Support Coming for Another Windows Product

Microsoft Windows

End of Support for Microsoft Windows Products – What does it mean? Windows Operating Systems life cycle report, which Microsoft maintains, provides end-of-support dates for each of Microsoft’s Windows products. Based on the report, support for Windows Vista happens in April of 2017. Source: Windows Lifecycle Fact Sheet  – Dec 2016 The life cycle report […]

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