Second Webroot Fail This Year — and 2017 Isn’t Even Half Over…

Webroot Whoops… Yesterday, major issues arose for the millions of users of Webroot.  The well-known anti-virus began classifying several different Windows files as general malware, leaving critical files quarantined.  Therefore, Windows was not able to fully function.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, ZDNet reports, “Many independent tweets confirmed that several major websites, including Bloomberg […]

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14 Security Solutions Vulnerable to Double Agent Malware

Double Agent Malware Infects Security Solutions A malware attack dubbed Double Agent has been discovered by security vendor, Cybellum.  It is reported, although this attack has been discovered, it has not been yet witnessed in the public. Double Agent effectively uses a 15 year-old vulnerability within the Windows operating system.  The security gap is associated with […]

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Windows Operating Systems Life Cycle – End of Extended Support Coming for Another Windows Product

Microsoft Windows

End of Support for Microsoft Windows Products – What does it mean? Windows Operating Systems life cycle report, which Microsoft maintains, provides end-of-support dates for each of Microsoft’s Windows products. Based on the report, support for Windows Vista happens in April of 2017. Source: Windows Lifecycle Fact Sheet  – Dec 2016 The life cycle report […]

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It’s that time again – the time to answer the questions you’ve submitted for Windows. We receive questions all the time via email and answer them in the most comprehensible way possible, with the help of a resident expert at MTE. If you would like to submit your own question, send an email to windows-help [at] Don’t forget to replace “[at]” with “@” and remove the spaces from the address. This is your chance to make your voice heard and have your questions analyzed by one of the top experts in the field.

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Chris Pirillo: 20 Best Windows Downloads for any PC


Sure, we realize that any list detailing the “best” of anything is sure to spark debate, but we hope this can be civilized and rife with constructive criticism. According to Craighton Miller, here are the best Windows downloads for any new computer. Disagree with any of these or have any in mind that you think should be included? Read the post and leave your commentary (as long as it’s civil and constructive), by gum!

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Windows Observer: How To Become a Microsoft Beta Tester


Are you analytical and enjoy testing out the latest and greatest software and tools out there? Do you hesitate to install the latest version of a set of drivers, software update, etc. or do you just go without even backing up your data? Do your family and friends call you for tech support and helping them with their computers?

Well, if you answered yes to any of the above questions then you just might have what it takes to be a beta tester.

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Windows 8 – Big Change

The new Windows8 may be nothing more than an application on your next computer. The future sees you using a browser based, application intensive, system that may not even require you to load Windows. The future is looking bright and different, Windows, the operating system that put personal computing on the map and kept it there is changing and you’re going to see it happen.

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Windows Talk: How to See File Extensions in Windows

Changing the settings on your computer to see file extensions in Windows is a handy way to help identify file types. Back in the days of Windows XP we almost needed to see file extensions just to recognize what file that was. However now days with Windows 7 and Windows Vista we have pretty icons for each file type. For example if you are looking at a Microsoft Word file in your documents folder it would be very obvious because it would have a big W on the icon. Sometimes file types are not so obvious and you will need to see file extensions in Windows to recognize what file type it is. This is one of the most basic Windows Tips that people often neglect and totally forget about

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The PC Is Far From Dead

First the iPhone comes out as the first of a slew of smart phones, and many pundits and industry observers forecasted the death of the PC. Now there is a tablet tsunami, and the entire world is in a frenzy about the ultimate demise of our great friend and companion, the trusty computer. Well, the death of the PC is greatly exaggerated. Worse yet, for some reason, the exageration seems to be willful and intentional. What do they have against the good old PC anyhow? I have no idea, but let me debunk this nonsense.

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PC Pitstop Newsletter – October 2010 #2

  • Largest Windows Patch Ever
  • PC Matic Helps Locate Stolen PCs
  • Erase Yourself on the Internet
  • Online Storage is Great
  • McAfee Harming WinPatrol Users
  • Why Net Neutrality is Good
  • 3 Tools for Extra PC Protection
  • Movie Review- The Social Network
  • Browser Wars Fall 2010
  • Tekzilla Tip- Start Windows Apps Fast
  • Tip 1 – Turn Pics into Mini World
  • Tip 2 –
  • Research – 79% Have No Security Worries
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