Microsoft Windows 7 OS – Still Going Strong

Operating System Adaptation Trends As Microsoft continues with a steady stream of operating system options and service packs, we here at PC Pitstop, have an insider’s view into the world of Microsoft Windows. In particular, we have a front row seat to the rate at which Microsoft’s latest operating systems are accepted into the market […]

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7 windows 7 tips you probably missed

There comes a time in one person’s life, when he or she makes a paramount discovery of certain settings, features, or tweaks of Windows 7 that open doors to a brand new lifestyle. That moment could be now for you, depending on whether you know absolutely everything about your operating system or not. This is the moment of truth, the moment in which you’ll have to face reality and realize that Windows 7 can pack a bigger punch if you give it a nudge in the right direction.

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6 useful windows 7 tips

At this moment, you’re probably satisfied with how Windows 7 runs, but you probably want to squeeze as much juice as you can out of it. Despite the improvements, the operating system still takes up resources that didn’t necessarily have to be used for normal functions. Let’s have a look at a few of those you can turn off!

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Windows Talk: Backup your Wireless Network Settings in Windows 7

It is extremely easy to backup your Windows 7 wireless network settings, to save for the just in case times. Even know setting up a wireless network in Windows 7 is very easy, there are still things like a security key that you have to remember and typing manually. Therefore I like to save my wireless network settings and import them back in whenever I need them.

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With Microsoft’s new interface adjustments in the Windows franchise, the company put a lot of features into Windows 7 that it might have forgotten to mention. After having a really close look at the infrastructure of the operating system, I’ve noticed a couple of things that might startle you a bit about the operating system, including features that make you wonder where they’ve been your whole life. While you might know some of them, I doubt you knew them all, so let’s get started and discover together what Windows 7 had in store for you but wasn’t in a hurry to let you know about.

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If you’re a rather busy person like me, every single second you waste throws pennies down the drain. Those pennies gather up over a year, so making yourself more efficient at what you do on your computer should be at the top of your list. If you lose 2 cents for every second you lose and you waste 2 minutes of the day moving your mouse instead of pressing quick shortcut keys, that’s $864 every year you’ll never recover — almost one grand! Even if you don’t make money on your computer, think of how much time you can save to do other things like reading a book or playing ball with your kid that always complains about you being such a busy beaver.

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For a normal Windows 7 users, most of the time, you will just accept the default setting of the operating system and not change too much of its internal settings so as to reduce the chances of breaking the system. However, there are some of us who love to tweak the settings to make our workflow more productive and effective. Below are 4 great Windows 7 tips that are seldom covered and should get your productivity up.

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Windows Observer: Using a SSD As Your OS Drive in Windows 7


Solid State Drives (SSD) have become reasonable in regards to cost and more people are looking at them for everyday use on their PC’s. This article shows you how to use an SSD as the boot drive for Windows 7 and then have a SATA II standard hard drive as a storage location for your documents, videos, pictures, downloads, etc. on it to save space on the SSD.

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Windows Talk: 8 Steps to Customize a Fresh Install of Windows 7


So, now you are done with the installation of windows 7. Your desktop is in front of you. But the classical, old, formal look does not suit you; it gives a kind of boring impression. Do you want to change it? So let’s do a bit of tweaking with your OS to make it little better, stylish, secure and furnished with the essentials. Lets’ perform the operation of making your OS a happening one, step by step.

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Many of you have probably been using Windows 7 for quite a while now. It’s really quite a solid operating system, with stability and functionality far exceeding anything Microsoft has offered before. You may, however, be unaware of one of the great productivity advantages that Windows offers you. That is keyboard integration, which is far more advanced than other platforms like Mac OSX. Windows is entirely functional without a mouse cursor, and indeed many features can be accessed much faster through the use of keyboard shortcuts. Hopefully the shortcuts below will be of use to some of you. I know I learnt a few new ones when researching this article!

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