Whitelisting Keeps the Education Sector Secure

Four Months of Data Exposes Malware Trends From January 2018 to April 2018, PC Matic Pro accumulated various data points while school was in session at a 1,000 endpoint school.  The goal was to gather as much data as we could regarding the protection we provide to these institutions and to identify any trends. What […]

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Avoid Intruders By Simply Locking Your Doors….

Going back to the basics… The concept of cyber security has become convoluted.  Users aren’t sure what software to buy, or if one program is even enough.  Often times they’ll try to use three different products that all do the same thing, which in turn interferes with each one’s functionality. So, PC Matic wants to go […]

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Application Whitelisting – The Active Defense Against Ransomware

Whitelisting – The Last Best Resort Ed Tech Magazine recently wrote an article on application whitelisting as an active defense against ransomware in the education sector.  Although we agree that whitelisting, or a default-deny approach, is proactive to ransomware prevention, their analysis warrants further investigation. Ed Tech author, Karen Scarfone states, If other security controls don’t stop […]

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IBM Reports Ransomware is the World’s Largest Threat

IBM Security Announces Breaches Drop, While Ransomware Skyrockets On Monday, IBM Security announced results from its 2018 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index which found the number of records breached dropped nearly 25%, while ransomware continues to skyrocket.  Ransomware, malicious software that encrypts files or entire networks, demands a ransom payment to decrypt the files.  Unfortunately, […]

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Ransomware Variants Double in 2017 – The Blacklist Cannot Keep Up

The Blacklist Cannot Keep Up with New Ransomware Variants In 2016, NextGov reported 1,419 ransomware variants, compared to 2,855 in 2017.  These are only the confirm malicious variants.  New strains are being created every minute of every day.  Therefore, knowing the exact number and exact coding of all malicious variants is impossible, which is why […]

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How PC Matic Mitigates the Threat of Phishing Attacks

Phishing Attacks – One of the largest cyber threats facing users today A phishing attack, or email that includes a malicious link or attachment, has been a growing threat throughout this year.  Why?  Because email addresses are very easy to obtain.  Whether it is through a security breach of a business or a website leak, […]

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Application Whitelisting — Is it too extreme?

Whitelisting – Is it worth the work? Recently, Information Week reported application whitelisting as an “extreme” method for preventing malware.  Is it extreme?  It very well could be.  Application whitelisting goes against the very core of traditional security programs.  Instead of using a blacklist, which allows unknown files to execute until proven malicious, a whitelist […]

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62% of SMBs Hit With Ransomware Were Forced to Cease Operations

SMBs Struggle to Defend Against Cyber Threats In a recent report featured by Tech Republic, 35% of SMBs were hit with ransomware in the last year.  Out of those impacted, 22% had to completely cease business operations to attempt to remediate the issue.  But for how long?  Over half of the attacks that resulted in […]

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Whitelisting Makes Headlines Again…

Application Whitelisting — The Future of Cyber Security After the recent global attacks, WannaCry and NotPetya, application whitelisting has made its way into the news as the future of cyber security.  First, CSO Online featured a piece on dynamic whitelisting capabilities.  Maria Korolov, the author of the article stated, “We are in an age of […]

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Backups Smackups, Prevention is the Real Key

Why Backing Up Your Data Won’t Work Let’s be honest, backing up your data is important.  Maybe more so for some users than others, but important nonetheless.  However, backups are not the golden ticket when it comes to restoring data after a malware attack.  Although they could be useful in restoring your files after a […]

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How is WannaCry Still Infecting Devices?!

WannaCry — The Ransomware That Won’t Die Just yesterday, news broke that WannaCry infected a Honda plant in Japan.  Today, traffic lights in Australia are on the fritz.  How is it that WannaCry is still successful?  Every single antivirus (AV) program should have it on their blacklist, or list of known threats, by now.  So, what’s […]

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PC Matic Boosts Protection With File-Less Ransomware Detection

Enhancements Set PC Matic Further Apart from Competition PC Pitstop, makers of PC Matic, PC Matic MSP and PC Matic Pro have made several updates over the last few months to their security solution.  The recent changes made to the software include the ability to detect file-less ransomware.  Traditional malware, including ransomware, required an executable […]

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Alternative Malware Detection Method Proven Highly Effective

Securing your data from a malware attack, should be your primary priority when it comes to data security.  However, it appears a vast majority of organizations, both large and small, aren’t taking the preventative steps necessary to properly secure their data.  With more businesses, educational institutions, government agencies and non-profits falling victim to malware attacks […]

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Traditional Anti-Virus Programs Don’t Work

Why Your Traditional AV Isn’t Working According to a recent study completed by KnowBe4, your traditional anti-virus alone is not effective in stopping today’s biggest cyber security threat, ransomware.  Ransomware is a form of malware that locks your files or entire PCs and demands a payment to unlock them.  In the study, KnowBe4 asked 500 […]

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Application Whitelisting Ranks #1 For Security Essentials

Application whitelisting has identified as the top security essential tool by Business IT.  Application whitelisting implements a security method that, if utilized correctly, will only allow trusted programs to run.  Since malware is not a trusted program, the executable will not be allowed to run.  Theoretically. this will eliminate malware infections on PCs that are […]

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Strengthening Cyber Security Infrastructure with Automated Global Whitelist

PC Matic’s Vice President of Cyber Security, Dodi Glenn, recently conducted a webinar regarding how to strengthen cyber security infrastructures with an automated global whitelist approach. During the webinar, Dodi discussed the current threat landscape, malware sample manipulation, and preventative detection with application whitelisting. Dodi shared with the audience the malware trends, and his thoughts […]

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Default Deny – The Future to PC Protection

Default Deny What is default deny? Essentially, it is application whitelisting. Application whitelisting is the preventative detection method, proven to be more effective in preventing malware attacks than the traditional methods used by many anti-virus programs. Google senior security engineer, Darren Bilby, has asked for research to be focused on more meaningful defenses such as whitelisting applications, instead […]

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The Powerful Idea that Stops Malware Dead

In the 10-year time frame from 2002 to 2012, the volume of ‘known-good’ executable code has roughly doubled from 17 Million to 40 Million. During that same period, the amount of ‘known-bad’ malware has skyrocketed 40 times from 2 million to over 80 million. In 2002, keeping out the bad guys with antivirus was a correct and rational decision. Now, in 2012 that is no longer the case. The more rational decision is to continue using traditional (blacklist) antivirus but combined with gray- and whitelisting and only allow ‘known-good’ to run. It’s a simple, powerful idea that stops malware dead in its tracks. It allows you to run your network with an iron fist in a velvet glove.

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