Indian-Based Tech Support Scam Settles with FTC for $136K

FTC Settles with Tech Support Scammers — Again… In October of 2017, the FTC and the State of Alabama settled with multiple tech support companies who were scamming victims out of hundreds of dollars.  Now, less than a year later, the FTC settled with another individual tied to two more Indian-based technical support scam companies. […]

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Why There’s Not a PC Matic Phone Number

How to Get PC Matic Support Recently it has been brought to our attention there are several different companies and support organizations that are claiming to provide technical support for PC Matic.  These individuals are posting a fake PC Matic phone number, claiming to offer support.  Please know, PC Matic is in no way affiliated […]

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FTC Settles With Microsoft Tech Support Scammers

The FTC and the State of Alabama recently settled with several tech support companies which were alleging to be from major technology companies such as Microsoft and Apple.  The companies include: Trothsolutions Inc. Trothsolutions LLC Quickkonto LLC Crazy Bee Man of Palm Beach Inc. eDoorways International Corp. Airoways LLC Escue Energy, Inc. These tech support […]

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Hackers Boost Sophistication With Fake Microsoft Security Essentials BSoD Attack

Hackers are now using advanced methods to distribute malware… Hackers have found new ways to copy notifications from what users would consider safe programs.  The latest example of this is the blue screen of death (BSoD) that appears after users attempt to download a fraudulent version of Microsoft Security Essentials.  Microsoft does have a BSoD alert that […]

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