PC Pitstop Newsletter – November 2010 #2

  • Sad Tale of My Broken Sony Laptop
  • Zombies Attack Smartphones
  • Malware=Time for a New PC?
  • Consider Your PC at Risk
  • Custom Built vs Pre-Built PCs
  • Save Your Holiday Sanity
  • Buying a Long Overdue Desktop
  • Free Online College Courses
  • Please ‘Like’ Us on Facebook
  • Malware Minute- Facebook Users Targeted
  • Tip 1 – 70 Best Free Games
  • Tip 2 – Optimize Vista Performance
  • Tip 3 – Relive DOS Games
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    PC Pitstop Newsletter – October 2010 #2

  • Largest Windows Patch Ever
  • PC Matic Helps Locate Stolen PCs
  • Erase Yourself on the Internet
  • Online Storage is Great
  • McAfee Harming WinPatrol Users
  • Why Net Neutrality is Good
  • 3 Tools for Extra PC Protection
  • Movie Review- The Social Network
  • Browser Wars Fall 2010
  • Tekzilla Tip- Start Windows Apps Fast
  • Tip 1 – Turn Pics into Mini World
  • Tip 2 – Fav4.org
  • Research – 79% Have No Security Worries
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    PC Pitstop Newsletter – August 2010 #2

  • 2 Worst Security Threats of 2010
  • New PC Pitstop Page on Facebook
  • What My Wife Loves About Win 7
  • When Is 4GB RAM Not Enough?
  • Top Troubleshooting Tips & Tools
  • What If Your House Burns Down?
  • Great OS Games
  • NFL in 3D
  • Cellphone/Smartphone Survey
  • Tekzilla Tip- Boost Windows 7 Productivity
  • Tip 1 – New Features in WordPad & Paint
  • Tip 2 – 2 Free Office 2010 Ebooks
  • Tip 3 – Preventing Word 2007 Accidents
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    PC Pitstop Newsletter – August 2010

  • Cellphone/Smartphone Survey
  • World of Computer Security
  • 6 Steps to Remove Malware
  • Keep Yourself Safe from Viruses
  • Droid X vs Droid Incredible
  • They Call It the Streak
  • Facebook National ID System
  • SSD vs Traditional Hard Drives
  • Google Voice is Cool & Free
  • Tekzilla Tip- Organize Your MP3 Collection
  • Tip 1 – Test Boot Speed with Free Utility
  • Tip 2 – Ever Had Blue Screen of Death?
  • Tip 3 – Using the Favorite Links List
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    PC Pitstop Newsletter – May 2010

      They Want Control of Your Email
      Alternate PDF Viewer
      Windows 7 Restore Points Disappear
      Should You Buy Single vs Quad Core Processor
      7 Handy Firefox Add-ons and Tweaks
      iPad vs Everything Else
      Did that Email Really Come from Me?
      Verizon’s New Droid Incredible Lives Up to its Name
      Submit Your Tips & Win $100
      *Tip 1 – Change the Appearance of Office Programs
      Tip 2 – 2 Ways to Resize Desktop Icons
      Tip 3 – ShadowExplorer (free)
      Computer Cable Mess Contest Winners

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    Man Wins $100.00 Finding PC Matic Easter Egg

    By Steve Hogan

    Very meticulous people are an asset to any business. They are also the ones that get FREE CASH from PC Pitstop.

    Will your keen eye make you some loot? Keep clicking, you may be next.

    Paul almost overlooked it but it wasn’t long before his clerical roots and curiosity got the best of him. Paul went back and scoured every line until he found the source of the the mysterious flash. At first he didn’t recognize what he was seeing.

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    PC Pitstop Newsletter – January 2010

      Rescuing Your PC From Disaster
      Windows 7 Highs & Lows
      Bits from Bill: New Tech Brings Domestic Violence Danger
      Chris Pirillo: How to Convert Video
      Technologizer: Men Who Plan Beyond Tomorrow!
      The Dodge Retort: Toshiba gets A-, Best Buy C-
      Ask Leo: Is Changing My Password Enough?
      TechBite: Secret Shopping Scam
      Tekzilla Tip: 4 Tricks to Make Typing Easier
      Tip #1: Open Source Mother Load!
      Tip #2: Adobe Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control Driving you Crazy
      Tip #3: Auto-Complete web addresses in Firefox.
      PC Pitstop Driver Library

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    PC Pitstop Newsletter – December 2009

      All New pcpitstop.com
      Black Screen of Death
      The Dodge Retort: PC/TV Habits
      Chris Pirillo: Skype Phone
      Bits from Bill: Facebook Apps Stealing Info
      Ask Leo: Help, Stolen Email Identity
      Technologizer: Windows 7 Survey Results
      TechBite: 5 Net Tricks to Save You Money
      Tekzilla Tip: Rein In Your System Tray
      Tip #1: Security Tab in XP
      Tip #2: Synch People & Contacts
      Tip #3: Google Power to MSFT Office
      PC Pitstop Driver Library

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    PC Pitstop Newsletter – November 2009 #2

      The Dodge Retort: Twitter, Facebook fertile phishing grounds
      Ask Leo: Secure Delete – What is it and do I need it?
      Chris Pirillo: How to Convert Cassettes to MP3
      Bits from Bill: Verizon Droid Day One
      Technologizer: 25 Most Notable Quotes in Tech History
      Use Your Droid as a Modem…Tethering
      TechBite: Fixes for 3 PC Annoyances
      Tip #1: Create Windows 7 Themes
      Tip #2: Float your Hard Drive LED
      Tip #3: Information about your Hardware
      PC Pitstop Driver Library

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    PC Pitstop Newsletter – October 2009 #2

      Bits from Bill: Should You Upgrade to Windows 7 Now?
      Windows 7 – The Faster Version
      The Dodge Retort: Hopeful for Windows 7, But…
      Chris Pirillo: Windows 7 Security
      Ask Leo: My PC was Stolen, What Now?
      TechBite: 5 Tools to Tickle Your PCs Fancy
      Technologizer: Worst PC in America Slideshow
      Tip #1: Admin at Welcome screen
      Tip #2: Get Back the Classic Taskbar
      Tip #3: Install Windows Backup on XP
      PC Pitstop Driver Library

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    PC Pitstop Newsletter – October 2009

      Technologizer: The Worst PC in America
      Bits from Bill: Another Secret to Fast Startup
      Ask Leo: 7 Keys for Account Protection
      TechBite: 5 Killer Word Tricks
      1,000,000 YouTube Videos
      Chris Pirillo: Video Editing Made Easy
      The Dodge Retort: Windows 7 Launch Party
      Tip #1: Upgrading from XP to Windows 7
      Tip #2: Recover your Deleted Files, Free!
      Tip #3: System Restore is Broken
      PC Pitstop Driver Library

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    PC Pitstop Newsletter – September 2009 #2

      Ask Leo: Help! My email was hijacked!
      Chris Pirillo Video: How to Improve Internet Explorer
      Bits from Bill: Most Underrated Windows Tweak
      The Race for Your Email
      Technologizer: MSFT Tablet PCs
      TechBite: Making the PC to TV Connection
      The Dodge Retort: Socialnomics ’09 – The Movie
      Tip #1: Learn Windows 7
      Tip #2: 5 Best Online Image Editors
      Tip #3: Down for everyone or just me
      PC Pitstop Driver Library

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    Software is Wasting Your Cores

    Back in February, Steve Hogan made the case for getting a multi-core system. Rob Cheng’s experience shows that dual-core systems aren’t always faster though. It’s possible for a multi-core system to outperform a single-core system, but you’re not likely to see a desktop operating system or many applications that can take advantage of it. There are good reasons for that problem, and they aren’t going away any time soon.

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    Single and Multi-processors Trends


    Systems with multi-processors, once found only on servers and other extreme high end performance systems, have found there way into the general consumer arena. The percentage of systems running PC Pitstop’s on-line diagnostics and having multiprocessors grew from just over 1% in January 2006 to almost 30% in January 2008. The percentage of portables that have multi-processors has reached almost 40% in January 2008. A comparison of Intel to AMD shows AMD with a slight edge in both desktops and portable platforms as a percentage of their respective number of system with multi-processors.

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