Security Breach Leaves 12K Patient Files Exposed

Major Security Breach Leaves Thousands of Patients Exposed Inova Health Systems, a non-profit health organization based in Falls Church, Virginia, was hit with a security breach in September 2018.  This breach potentially impacted over 12,000 patients in six different medical facilities. The parent company, Valley Health, has sent letters to potentially impacted patients. How Did It Happen? […]

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New York County’s Government Breached After RDP Attack

Otsego County government, located in New York, suffered a security breach when hackers infiltrated systems by exploiting remote desktop servers According to GovTech, international hackers used a remote desktop server, located in an employee’s home, to access the county’s networks.  From there, hackers utilized all of the county’s resources to mine for crypto-currency, also known […]

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T-Mobile Notifies 3 Million Customers After Security Breach

Hackers Breach T-Mobile, Leaving Millions Exposed Approximately 3 million T-Mobile customers either have been or soon will be notified their information was involved in a security breach.  Although details are not being released regarding how the attack was executed, T-Mobile has reported approximately 5% of their 75 million users were impacted by a recent data […]

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Virginia Bank Loses $2.4M to Russian Hackers in Two Targeted Attacks

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me… In May of 2016, an employee at The National Bank of Blacksburg fell victim to a targeted phishing email.  It was this single email that led to a malware infection on not only that user’s computer but a secondary workstation as well.  The secondary computer […]

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Timehop Suffers Data Breach, Exposing 21 Million Accounts

Security Breach Exposed Basically the Entire Timehop Database Timehop, an application that is tied to a users’ social media account(s) for the purpose of resurfacing posts and photos users may have forgotten about, was recently a victim of a serious data breach.  To be fair, the app is pretty neat.  It will show you things […]

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Baltimore Medical Facility Finds Two-Year-Old Malware, Leaving 500K Patients Exposed

Cyber Attack That Occurred in 2016 was Just Discovered, leaving 500,000 Patients Affected LifeBridge Health located in Baltimore, Maryland, was the victim of a malware attack on September 27, 2016.  However, what is most concerning is, the attack was not identified until March 17, 2018. In March of 2018 hospital officials became aware there was […]

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Did the Facebook Leak Impact You?

Find Out If Your Information Was Harvested from Facebook Facebook, continues to work toward rebuilding their brand after facing a major security scandal alongside London’s elections consultancy, Cambridge Analytica.  Reports have confirmed personal data was harvested from the social media giant from Cambridge Analytica.  It is believed, the election firm then used the data to […]

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Colorado Medical Practice Suffers Ransomware and Potential Breach

Longs Peak Family Practice in Colorado Suffers Cyber Attacks Longs Peak Family Practice in Longmont, Colorado suffered a ransomware attack in early November.  According to their public statement, the facility did not pay the ransom.  Instead they were able to remediate the encrypted files using backups.  A few days after the ransomware attack, the IT […]

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NSA Leak Leaves 100 GB of Classified Data Exposed

NSA Leak Leaves Army Intelligence Data Open to Public The NSA leaks just won’t seem to stop.  The first breach dates back to 2013, with multiple falling thereafter.  Some of the security breaches have led to NSA contractors facing criminal charges due to their part in the security issues.  Perhaps the most infamous NSA leak […]

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California Hospital Agrees to $2M Settlement After Breach

California Medical Facility Owes $2M After Reaching Settlement with the State Cottage Hospital was the victim of a breach that lasted a whopping three years.  From 2011 to 2013, a security breach left 50,000 patient records exposed to anyone and everyone who completed a basic Google search.  The information available online included patient names, addresses, […]

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Your Weekly IT Recap

Top 5 IT stories for the week of October 30th Hilton settles for $700,000 after 2015 breach – In 2015 Hilton suffered two security breaches.  Combined these two breaches resulted in over 350,000 credit card numbers being stolen.  Although, this may not even be the biggest issue.  Hilton failed to notify the victims of the […]

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Equifax Suffers Largest Breach of 2017

143 Million Equifax Consumer Files Breached Equifax, a provider of consumer credit scores, was just confirmed as a victim of a data breach.  The incident resulted in 143 million customer files being compromised.  Therefore, this is one of the biggest breaches in U.S. history, and the largest reported in 2017. The hackers were infiltrating the […]

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Feds Notify Ohio Police Departments of Breach

Feds Informed Wooster-Ashland Regional Council of Governments of Security Breach A breach recently hit the Wooster-Ashland Regional Council of Governments (WARCOG).  According to WKYC News, the FBI informed the Ohio police departments of the leak on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, the exact number of people impacted by the breach is uncertain.  However, officials are reporting, WARCOG is […]

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Retail Store – The Buckle – Falls Victim to Hackers

Hackers Breach the Buckle Stealing Payment Data for Approximately Six Months The national retail store, The Buckle, recently disclosed they were the victims of a security breach.  The store’s point-of-sales (PoS) systems were compromised with malware, leaving consumer payment data up for grabs.  It is unknown how many credit and debit cards were impacted by […]

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Chipotle Reports Data Breach Impacted Almost All Restaurants

Burritos and Breaches Popular restaurant, Chipotle, has been a recent victim of a data breach.  The restaurant reported almost all of their Chipotle locations were impacted, as well as their Pizzeria Locale eateries.  Current reports are suggesting the breach was executed through the company’s point-of-sale (PoS) system.  The information exposed included credit card numbers, expiration dates […]

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Impact of Recent Chipotle Breach Remains Unknown

Investigation into Chipotle Breach Continues On April 25, 2017, Chipotle made a public statement explaining their payment systems had been breached.  Since it is early into the investigation, the entire impact of the breach remains unknown.  According to WTKR News, this is what had been confirmed, Unauthorized activity was found within the restaurant’s network, which […]

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Select Restaurants Inc. Hacked — Number of Breached Credit Cards Remains Unknown

Select Restaurants Inc. Breached A little over a month ago, Select Restaurants Inc. was notified by their point-of-sales (PoS) system that there had been a breach.  The breach compromised the credit and debit card data held by the company.  Select Restaurants Inc. is not releasing the number of payment files that have been breached, nor […]

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Home Depot Shells Out Another $25M For Security Breach Settlement

Home Depot – The Aftermath of 2014 Breach In 2014, Home Depot experienced one of the largest security breaches in history.  The company is still working out settlements to clear up the matter, but have made a step in the right direction.  Fortune recently disclosed Home Depot settled with dozens of banking institutions for 25 million […]

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Is Verifone Downplaying Breach Impacts?

Payment Processing Giant Breached Verifone, a major player in the payment processing industry, recently suffered a data breach.  The breach took place in January of 2017.  In initial reports, the company stated the impact of the breach was minimal, and effected internal company systems only.  Meaning none of their Point of Sales (PoS) systems were […]

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2.2M Voice Recordings Leaked From Children’s Toy, CloudPets

CloudPets Breached Leaving 820k Users Exposed The children’s toy, CloudPets, has been breached, leaving 820,000 users exposed.  This led to an estimated 2.2 million voice recordings between parents and their children being leaked.  What is most shocking is just how avoidable this data breach was. According to Troy Hunt, the platform the toy used, MongoDB, did […]

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3,400 Websites Compromised After Cloudflare Breach

Thousands of Sites Impacted by Cloudflare Breach Cloudflare, a popular content delivery network, was recently breached.  This breach impacted 3,400 websites, including popular sites such as Fitbit and Uber.  A full list of impacted websites has not been released. Cloudflare has made a public statement on their blog, “The bug was serious because the leaked memory […]

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More Security Breaches, Why Restaurants Are Becoming The Hacker’s Dream

You may have heard about the recent security breach that impacted fast food giant, Arby’s.  The hackers were able to gain access to Arby’s systems and obtain an estimated 350,000 credit card numbers from customers who visited the restaurant chain from October 2016 to January 2017.  Last year, Wendy’s, another major fast food chain, was hit with a breach […]

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UNL Breach Leaves Thousands of Files Exposed

University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL) Hacked News broke today of a security breach that occurred at the University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL), leaving thousands of student records exposed.  According to KETV of Omaha, the breach was isolated to one server which was tied to a mathematical placement test.  For 30,000 current and former students, their […]

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HUD Security Breaches Result in More Than 475,000 Leaked Records

HUD Breaches Leave Thousands Exposed National Mortgage News reported the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) suffered two major breaches in August and September. The first resulted in over 50,000 leaked records, and the second, over 420,000 records. The exposure was through the department’s website, where this private information was inadvertently made public. The individuals […]

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