Tech Scammers Calling Offering Major Security “Refunds”

Tech Scammers Call Offering Fraudulent Refunds There have been several reports lately regarding phone calls people have been receiving from individuals claiming to work for “a security company” who is going out of business.  Therefore, they’re claiming this company owes the individual a refund.  Although, we all know, there is no refund.  They simply want […]

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Texas County Scrambles to Recover $888K Illegitimate Payment

Harris County of Texas Falls for Phishing Scam Hackers are ruthless.  I mean ruthless.  Just weeks after Hurricane Harvey, a hacker sent an email to the Harris County auditor’s office claiming to be a contractor who was due for payment.  The email claimed they were working on restoring damaged parking lots, cleaning up debris, and […]

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Fake PC Matic Phone Number Published Online

BEWARE: Scammers Post Fake PC Matic Phone Number This isn’t the first time scammers began targeting PC Matic users.  In the middle of 2017, there was a scam going around where hackers would call PC Matic users claiming to be our support team.  Now there is a website,, that is scamming our customers into […]

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Scammers Prey on Goodwill of Others During Hurricane Harvey

Scammers Portray Charitable Giving for Hurricane Harvey Victims It’s unfortunate this article even has to be written.  But it does.  Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc throughout Texas, and it is clear the storm has not yet passed.  It is now, when our country works together to bring some kind of peace to those victims.  Often […]

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BEWARE: Scammers Illegally Portraying PC Matic

Scammers Portray PC Matic A previous PC Matic customer recently posted a review on Facebook expressing frustrations that the PC Matic sales team was contacting her after her annual subscription had expired.  The calls were occurring multiple times a day, as late as 10 p.m.  First, PC Matic wants to assure all of its customers, […]

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