Cape Cod Community School Loses $807K in Phishing Attack

Cape Cod School Loses Close to $1M in Malicious Email Scam This year ended poorly for Cape Cod Community School when they fell victim to a phishing attack.  An email was distributed throughout the school that was disguised as content from another educational institution.  It was because of how the email was disguised, that staff […]

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IRS Issues Warning – Watch Out For Fraudulent Tax Emails

Scammers Portray IRS in Latest Phishing Scam Earlier this week, the IRS issued a warning to tax payers regarding a fraudulent email that has been impersonating the agency.  The email includes tax transcripts, in an attempt to get the users to click on the documents, which contain malware.  The biggest risk would be employees clicking […]

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Hackers Threaten to Detonate Bombs if Victims Don’t Pay Up

Pay Bitcoin Demands Or Else… Hackers have taken malicious scams to an entirely new level by sending a wave of threatening emails to businesses, schools, and public municipalities in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.  The hacker’s ransom note demands a payment of $20,000 in bitcoin by the end of the day.  They also claim, if the […]

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BEWARE: Scammers Offering Fake Refunds to Steal Banking Information

Scammers Call Offering Fraudulent Refunds There have been several reports lately regarding people receiving phone calls from individuals claiming to work for their security solution provider.  Not only do they work for your trusted security company, but they’re offering you major refunds!  But don’t get too excited — it’s a scam.  These hackers are calling, asking for […]

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Scammers Target Fortnite Users with Android Expansion

Fortnite Users Anxiously Await Android Version – Falling for Scammers in the Process This summer’s “it” game, Fortnite, will soon be expanding its compatibility features to include Android devices.  Although this may be great news for gamers — it may come at a price.  The game’s developers have decided to make downloading available only through […]

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The Federal Trade Commission Alerts Customers to New Scam

Federal Trade Commission Issues Scam Warning The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning customers not to fall for the latest scam hackers are attempting to execute.  According to KWQC News, scam artists are calling customers, claiming to be from the FTC.  The hackers claim to be issuing major refunds.  But there is a catch.  First, […]

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Scammers Target PC Matic Customers with Malicious Email

Malicious Email Sent to PC Matic Customers Today our tech support team received a help desk ticket from one of our a diligent customers inquiring about the email below: They knew something wasn’t quite right, and our help desk team immediately knew it was a scam. PC Matic customers must be advised, this email is […]

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Tech Scammers Calling Offering Major Security “Refunds”

Tech Scammers Call Offering Fraudulent Refunds There have been several reports lately regarding phone calls people have been receiving from individuals claiming to work for “a security company” who is going out of business.  Therefore, they’re claiming this company owes the individual a refund.  Although, we all know, there is no refund.  They simply want […]

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Fake PC Matic Phone Number Published Online

BEWARE: Scammers Post Fake PC Matic Phone Number This isn’t the first time scammers began targeting PC Matic users.  In the middle of 2017, there was a scam going around where hackers would call PC Matic users claiming to be our support team.  Now there is a website,, that is scamming our customers into […]

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Hackers Exploit Meltdown/Spectre Vulnerabilities with Malicious “Patches”

Cyber Criminals Use Processor Vulnerabilities to Spread Malware Once security issues go global, cyber criminals tend to exploit them for their own gain.  It happened with the global ransomware treats, NotPetya, BadRabbit and WannaCry.  Hackers used fraudulent decryption keys to spread malware.  Now, they’re using malicious Meltdown/Spectre “patches” to spread malware.  According to Tech Republic, […]

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BEWARE: Scammers Using PC Matic Name

Scammers Use PC Matic Name to Lure Victims This isn’t the first time the PC Matic name has been associated with a scam.  This time, scammers are using the name PCMaticPlus.  They are using this to execute tech support scams.  The scams may range from charging a ridiculous amount per minute to “fix” your computer, […]

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Scammers Prey on Goodwill of Others During Hurricane Harvey

Scammers Portray Charitable Giving for Hurricane Harvey Victims It’s unfortunate this article even has to be written.  But it does.  Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc throughout Texas, and it is clear the storm has not yet passed.  It is now, when our country works together to bring some kind of peace to those victims.  Often […]

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BEWARE: Scammers Illegally Portraying PC Matic

Scammers Portray PC Matic A previous PC Matic customer recently posted a review on Facebook expressing frustrations that the PC Matic sales team was contacting her after her annual subscription had expired.  The calls were occurring multiple times a day, as late as 10 p.m.  First, PC Matic wants to assure all of its customers, […]

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Hit With a Scam? Here’s What to do Next…

Never Ending Support Scam Window There you are, surfing the web and BOOM.  You get the dreaded support scam scheme.  Some may know what I’m referencing, some may not.  For those who are unfamiliar, it is the pop up screen stating you must call “customer service” for technical support to get your computer “fixed”.  However, […]

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YouTube Turns into One-Stop Shop for Cyber Criminals

Proofpoint recently confirmed they found tutorials on the popular video streaming site, YouTube. The tutorials show how to set up phishing kits and start the scamming process. These videos have been hosted on YouTube for months. This is concerning because apparently YouTube does not have a monitoring system in place to moderate their videos. Therefore, […]

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Microsoft Alert – Huge Phone Scam

What’s the weakest link in your security? You are! When you’re phone rings don’t believe anything you hear. That Microsoft employee your talking to could be eating sardines and swigging vodka while empties your bank account. This is big, very big. If you live in the US you have a one in seven chance of being contacted. Don’t be caught wondering what happened. Exercise the one precaution that can save your money.

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