Texas County Scrambles to Recover $888K Illegitimate Payment

Harris County of Texas Falls for Phishing Scam Hackers are ruthless.  I mean ruthless.  Just weeks after Hurricane Harvey, a hacker sent an email to the Harris County auditor’s office claiming to be a contractor who was due for payment.  The email claimed they were working on restoring damaged parking lots, cleaning up debris, and […]

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State Department of Revenue Issues Warning for New Phishing Scam

PA State Department of Revenue Warns of Phishing Scam Pennsylvania’s State Department of Revenue has issued a warning to tax professionals in preparation for upcoming phishing scams.  Some may think it is a bit premature; however, a recent phishing scam was exploiting just that. According to Fox 43, the newest scam email claimed to be […]

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East Baton Rouge School Loses Thousands In Phishing Scam

According to The Advocate, East Baton Rouge Parish school lost $46,500 in a phishing scam, which requested three transactions be wired to different banks in New York.  The scam took place in May, and was caught within days of the transactions.  Fortunately for the school, the final $25,000 transaction was able to be stopped.  The school was […]

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