Predicting Vulnerable PCs – Microsoft Kicks Off New Initiative

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Launches New Anti-Malware Initiative Microsoft has just kicked off their latest cyber security initiative.  The company is offering up a $25,000 award for data scientists who can correctly predict which Windows PCs are more likely to fall victim to malware attacks.   So far, over 80 teams have joined the challenge.  The data scientists will […]

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Microsoft Slated to Release Windows Update — Again

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Launches October Windows Update, in November The initial launch of the Windows October Update was an epic fail.  After being released for less than a week, Microsoft put a halt on any updates that had yet to initiate, so they could resolve the issues its users had been reporting.  Some of those bugs included incorrect […]

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Exposing Security Vendors Failing to Protect America’s Public Systems

PC Matic Exposes Failing Security Vendors The concept of an antivirus failing isn’t new.  To be quite frank, it has become rather common.  New ransomware attacks are being successfully executed daily, and only a fraction of them are made public.  And what’s worse — those that do go public, rarely share which security solution they […]

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Microsoft Macros Listed as Primary Malware Distribution Tactic

Hackers Use Microsoft Macros to Distribute Malware Tech Republic has determined in the month of August, approximately 45% of malicious activity monitored was executed through Microsoft’s macros feature.  This means that the malware was hidden in a Microsoft program and upon opening, the malware would execute assuming macros were enabled.  Often times Microsoft’s macro feature is […]

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Microsoft Scrambles to Patch Windows Defender Vulnerability

Microsoft Security Programs Compromised Due to Security Gap New reports confirmed Microsoft’s security programs, including Windows Defender, are suffering from a major security vulnerability.  The security gap found is within the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine (MMPE), and if it goes unpatched, will allow hackers to do significant damage.  In order for the vulnerability to be exploited, […]

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Microsoft Update Creating Major Issues, Yet Again…

Latest Microsoft Patch Update Causes USB Problems Microsoft issues a new patch the second Tuesday of every month.  If additional updates are needed and they cannot wait a full month, the company may also release a patch update on the fourth Tuesday of the month.  No one would be surprised if another update is released […]

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Microsoft Enhances Security Functionality to Thwart Ransomware Attacks

Microsoft Windows

New Microsoft Feature Added to Stop Ransomware Attacks Microsoft recently released a new product feature, controlled file access, in an attempt to increase the security of endpoints.  The concept of this technology runs on a default deny approach. Controlled file access allows users to control which files are able to be accessed and altered by […]

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Malware Bypasses Antivirus Programs Through PowerPoint Vulnerability

Malware Exploits Microsoft PowerPoint Vulnerability A new malware campaign has been sent into the wild, and most security programs are not detecting it.  Remcos, the malware variant, is bypassing detection by exploiting a Microsoft PowerPoint vulnerability.  Remcos is hidden within a malicious attachment that is being distributed via email.  The email is disguised as an […]

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Kaspersky and Microsoft Settle Antitrust Complaint

Just months ago, Russian-based cyber security company, Kaspersky filed an antitrust complaint with Russia’s Federal Anti-Monopoly Services (FAS).  The complaint was centered around the concern of Microsoft using their market share in the PC industry to push end-users to Microsoft’s security program, Windows Defender.  A specific issue sited included Microsoft blocking third-party security vendors from […]

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Microsoft Database Leaks Unknown Number of Source Codes

Database Breached – Leaving Microsoft Source Codes Exposed Microsoft recently confirmed an unknown number of source codes were leaked onto a repository named BetaArchive.  Exposing the source codes would allow hackers to find vulnerabilities in some of Microsoft’s most trusted pieces of its operating system.  Gizmodo reports, “The Register claimed the data dump was 32 […]

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Is Microsoft Ruining Software Companies Lives?

Does Kaspersky Have a Point? Last week an article was written regarding Kaspersky filing an antitrust complaint to the European Union, targeting Microsoft.  Kaspersky claimed Microsoft has put up various road blocks for third-party anti-virus (AV) companies, making it impossible to stay on a level playing field. The article published last week generated a large […]

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Kaspersky Targets Microsoft in Complaint to European Union

Antitrust Complaint Filed Against Microsoft Kaspersky has filed a complaint with the European Union (EU) against Microsoft.  The complaint claims Microsoft is putting up road blocks up against security companies from having the ability to compete on a level playing field.  According to Bloomberg, Kaspersky believes Microsoft is driving up the cost of third-party security […]

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Microsoft Patched “Crazy Bad” Hole in Their Security Solutions

Microsoft Patched Security Gap in 48 Hours A massive hole was recently found in Microsoft’s malware detection engine, allowing specially crafted files to execute.  This engine is used in Windows Defender, as well as six additional Microsoft security solutions for both home and business users.  According to PC World the list of compromised security solutions […]

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Microsoft Patched NSA Exploits Before Release

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Patched Exploits There has been a lot of news swirling around, claiming the published exploits stolen from the NSA can be used against current Microsoft products.  According to ArsTechnica, that is not the case.  Instead, Microsoft patched the exploits a month prior to the exploits being published.  However, this is causing major speculation.  Did […]

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Windows Operating Systems Life Cycle – End of Extended Support Coming for Another Windows Product

Microsoft Windows

End of Support for Microsoft Windows Products – What does it mean? Windows Operating Systems life cycle report, which Microsoft maintains, provides end-of-support dates for each of Microsoft’s Windows products. Based on the report, support for Windows Vista happens in April of 2017. Source: Windows Lifecycle Fact Sheet  – Dec 2016 The life cycle report […]

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Microsoft Support Scam Ties in Ransomware to Boost Profits

Reverse engineer and analyst, Jakub Kroustek, recently discovered a new Microsoft scam that ties in a twist of ransomware. Vindows Locker is a support scam that locks your files, like ransomware, until a payment of $349.99 is received. Along with the payment demand, a phone number is provided. If users call the phone number, they […]

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Hackers Welcome: Microsoft Security Hole Remains Unpatched

A security vulnerability within the Microsoft software has been exploited and there is yet to be a patch to fix the issue.  Fortune reported Google notified Microsoft of the security issue on October 21st.  Typically when a vulnerability is found by Google, they provide 60 days for a patch; however, since this particular vulnerability has already […]

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Microsoft Windows 7 OS – Still Going Strong

Operating System Adaptation Trends As Microsoft continues with a steady stream of operating system options and service packs, we here at PC Pitstop, have an insider’s view into the world of Microsoft Windows. In particular, we have a front row seat to the rate at which Microsoft’s latest operating systems are accepted into the market […]

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