Microsoft Macros Listed as Primary Malware Distribution Tactic

Hackers Use Microsoft Macros to Distribute Malware Tech Republic has determined in the month of August, approximately 45% of malicious activity monitored was executed through Microsoft’s macros feature.  This means that the malware was hidden in a Microsoft program and upon opening, the malware would execute assuming macros were enabled.  Often times Microsoft’s macro feature is […]

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Have a Digital Wallet? Better Check Your Address!!

New Malware Variant Alters Digital Wallet Addresses It seems like, since the Bitcoin boom, there has been a higher growth of digital wallets or the wallets where crypto-currency is stored.  Now, with the spike in mining crypto-currency, digital wallets need to be increasingly secure.  Unfortunately, they are not very user-friendly.  Often times, in order to […]

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Newly Released Malware is No One-Trick Pony

Russian Based Malware Found All Over the World A new Russian-based malware variant, deemed SquirtDanger, has been spreading throughout the globe.  SquirtDanger was developed by a single, sophisticated author, who leaves the malicious distribution method up to the hackers.  However, the variant has been found spreading primarily through a Trojan download.  Upon infection, the malicious […]

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Unknown Malware Takes Down California College

California College Suffers Cyber Attack On April 11, 2018, the Long Beach City College suffered a malware infection which took several systems offline.  Forty-eight hours later, multiple systems remain impacted.  According to the California college’s website, those services include: faculty and staff email LBCC Student Viking Student System Voicemail HR System Financial Services Online Schedule […]

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FakeBank Malware Redirects Banks Calls to Scammers Instead

New Malware, FakeBank, Targets Android Devices A new malware has been circulating on Android devices.  The malware, deemed FakeBank, infects Android devices through third-party apps and website downloads.  Once in the device, FakeBank will reroutes the user’s bank calls to scammers instead. Also, the cyber criminals also have the ability to mask their phone number […]

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Hacker’s Fumbled Coding Saved Lives – Although They Didn’t Want To…

Unknown Hackers Target Saudi Plant, Hoping to Cause Explosion A cyber attack that hit a private petrochemical company in Saudi Arabia was executed with the end result being an explosion.  Fortunately, there was an error in the coding, which didn’t trigger what could have been a deadly event. The attack occurred in August of 2017, […]

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PC Matic SuperShield Protects Customers from Emotet Banking Trojan

The Malware Research team here at PC Pitstop has noticed a large number of hits on seemingly randomly-generated files in our research queue. Upon further investigation, it is apparent that these files are coming from Emotet Banking Trojan. In this post we will give a brief overview of the Trojan, how we detected it, and […]

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Pennsylvania Town Pays $185K to Fix Systems

Pennsylvania City Offices Struggle After Malware Riddles Systems An unknown malware variant recently took down the city offices of Allentown, Pennsylvania.  The malware attack was out of the realm of the city’s IT department, leaving them with few options.  It was reported, city officials contacted Microsoft and ended up paying the company $185,000, in an […]

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Crypto-Jacking: The Next Major Cyber Threat

Experts Believe Crypto-Jacking is Next Big Cyber Threat Experts have shifted their emphasis from ransomware to crypto-jacking when considering today’s emerging cyber threats.  Ransomware is a malicious software that encrypts files, then demands a payment to unlock them.  Alternatively, crypto-jacking is the unauthorized use of one’s computer or network to mine for digital currency, or […]

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Olympics Opening Ceremonies Impacted by Malware

Malware Takes Systems Offline, Disrupting 2018 Winter Olympics An unknown malware variant infected the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics computer systems.  The infection took place right before the opening ceremonies on February 9, 2018.  It appears the infection was initiated by an insider who knew various pieces of the networking and credentials needed to successfully infiltrate the systems.  […]

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Top 9 Malware Variants Targeting the Education Sector

Why Schools Are Targeted When industries think of cyber targets, often times the education sector is not included.  Why?  Well, it is believed they do not carry the financial weight of bigger targets like enterprises or the healthcare industry.  Although, school systems do still hold a plethora of critical data that can be easily exploited.  […]

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Hackers Hit “Jackpots” at U.S. ATMs

Hackers Now Emptying U.S. ATMs Hackers targeting ATMs isn’t breaking news.  Historically, these attacks have been seen throughout Asia and Europe.  However, according to Krebs on Security, these attacks are now spreading throughout the U.S.  Earlier this month, the U.S. Secret Service quietly began warning financial institutions that “jackpotting” attacks have now been spotted targeting ATMs […]

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Top Cyber Threats of 2017 & Tips to Stay Safe in 2018

The 2017 Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR) broke down the cyber security threats the world faced last year.  Not only will we discuss some key features, but also ways to mitigate each threat. 73% of Malware Attacks were Distributed via Phishing Attacks Emails with malicious intent, or phishing emails, proved to be the method of […]

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North Carolina School District Pays $314k to Restore Systems

Malware Took Out Devices at Three North Carolina Schools Right before school was scheduled to be released for winter break, malware completely took over three of Rockingham County’s school systems.  The virus originated in Bethany Elementary, Western Rockingham Middle School, and the district’s Central Office.  It is believed no other schools were impacted.  However, of […]

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Crypto-Mining Malware Spreading Through Facebook Messenger

Crypto-Mining Malware Goes Global Through Messenger With crypto-currency at an all-time high, everyone and their grandmother seems to have found a way to get their hands on it.  Which is exactly why hackers are now creating malware which will mine for the digital currency.  The new malware, deemed Digmine is spreading through Facebook Messenger.  The […]

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Your Weekly IT Recap

Top 5 IT stories for the week of October 30th Hilton settles for $700,000 after 2015 breach – In 2015 Hilton suffered two security breaches.  Combined these two breaches resulted in over 350,000 credit card numbers being stolen.  Although, this may not even be the biggest issue.  Hilton failed to notify the victims of the […]

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Traditional Antivirus Solutions Fail 40% of the Time

A recent study found approximately 40% of end users who had a traditional antivirus in place during the first half of this year, experienced a malware attack.  Traditional security solutions include a vast majority of those on the market.  They are software programs that utilize a blacklist technology, which only blocks known malware threats.  Therefore, […]

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Malware Attack Takes Major Carolina Healthcare Facility Offline

Malware Takes Medical Facility Offline FirstHealth of the Carolinas has been offline since October 17, 2017 due to a malware attack.  It is believed the malware is ransomware; however, it has not been publicly confirmed.  At this time, the cyber attack has been deemed a malware virus.  On October 17th, a malware infected infiltrated the […]

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FormBook Targets U.S. Defense Contractors, Aerospace Firms & Manufacturing Sector

Latest Malware, FormBook, Targeting Major Organizations FormBook, a new malware variant has been targeting aerospace firms, U.S. defense contractors and manufacturing organizations in the U.S. and South Korea.  This latest malware uses an executable that is included as a malicious attachment within phishing campaigns.  Depending on the country being targeting the email attachment varies.  For […]

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Debugging and Unpacking Malicious Software

READ FIRST: Disclaimer – Malware can destroy data, damage your computer, cause your computer to damage other computers, steal information, or cause other harm to property and even life in the case of a system which is in control of some equipment or machinery. When analyzing malware, you must always do so on a machine […]

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Bashware – The Latest Windows Exploit

Bashware Lets Malware Bypass Most Security Programs A new exploit has been discovered, allowing hackers to install malware on Windows 10 systems without detection of most anti-virus programs.  The exploit, deemed Bashware, is found within the newly added Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).  Kim Komando reported, WSL was created to add Linux Shell support to […]

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Patients Rerouted After Unknown Malware Cripples Hospital

NHS Lanarkshire Infected with Malware — Again The NHS Lanarkshire hospital, located in Scotland was the victim of yet another ransomware attack.  The malware variant that infected the system is reported to be different than the WannaCry ransomware that infiltrated the system in May.  The attack took down the facility’s email systems and left staff […]

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U.S. Government Wants to Return Malware Back to Sender

Cyber Crime is Skyrocketing – And the U.S. has a New Plan With the increased cyber crime the world is facing today, countries are beginning to look for alternative methods to divert malware attacks.  The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency is doing just that.  In recent reports, there have been talks of rerouting malware attacks back […]

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Malicious Chrome Extension Impacts Over 1M Users

Over 1M users download malicious Chrome extension Chris Pederick, the creator of the Chrome extension Web Developer, was recently phished.  The cyber criminals effectively breached Pederick’s Google account, which was tied to the app.  Therefore, the cyber criminals were able to access the app and make any changes they wanted.  After doing just that, the […]

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Three New Malware Variants Exposed

Over the weekend, three new malware variants were exposed.  Are you one of those being targeted? Trickbot Trojan The Trickbot Trojan is a malware variant that was targeting financial institutions overseas.  That is until now.  With U.S. financial institutions being at risk, it is important the word is spread this malware may be heading to […]

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Nine Fireball Creators Busted, Two More Detained

Nine of the creators of Fireball, the malware that was turning popular browsers into zombies, have been caught.  The malware creators were working for a legitimate digital marketing company located in Beijing.  According to Mashable, they were using the company, Rafotech, as a way to distribute the malware.  Since the time of release, almost two months […]

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500M Android Devices Vulnerable to SpyDealer

Malware Continues to Target Android Devices Android devices have been found to be vulnerable to the malware variant, SpyDealer.  The malware has a plethora of capabilities to wreak havoc on the device as well as the device owner.  SpyDealer effectively steals personal data from various apps on the device, including Facebook and WhatsApp.  The apps […]

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