The Water Can’t Get Any Hotter for Kaspersky…

European Union (EU) Votes to Ban Kaspersky Labs Products On May 25, 2018, European Parliment released the Report on Cyber Defense.  In this report, specifically item #76 (see excerpt below), it specifically states Kaspersky Labs has been confirmed as malicious. 76.  Calls on the EU to perform a comprehensive review of software, IT and communications […]

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Dutch Government Removes Kaspersky After Fears of Digital Espionage

Issues for Kaspersky Continue to Snowball… The Dutch government released a statement on May 14, 2018 stating they would be phasing out the use of Kaspersky Labs products on government devices, due to the “national security risks” the software presents.  According to CNET, Justice Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus wrote a letter to Parliament stating the Russian […]

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U.S. Considers Sanctioning Kaspersky Labs Products

The Kaspersky Controversy Continue to Grow Yesterday, I wrote on Twitter banning Kaspersky’s ads from their social media platform.  Now, new reports have suggested the U.S. will consider placing a sanction on all Kaspersky products.  This means, all Kaspersky operations will be banned, including their U.S. operations.  According to CyberScoop, New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen, […]

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Trouble for Kaspersky Continues As Twitter Pulls Their Ads

Twitter Pulls Kaspersky’s Advertising The last twelve months have been rough on Kaspersky, due to speculated relationships between certain company officials and Russian intelligence.  The U.S. government was first urged to determine where they were using the security solution.  They were then given 90 days to remove the program and find an alternative security program.  […]

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DOJ Moves to Dismiss Kaspersky’s Lawsuit Against Congress

Kaspersky’s Lawsuit May Be Tossed Out… This week, the Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a motion to dismiss Kaspersky’s lawsuit against Congress over the ban of their products.  The Hill reports, “…Kaspersky does not have a legal basis to challenge the Trump administration’s ban on its products because, even if reversed, Congress’s ban would remain in effect.” […]

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Kaspersky Files Lawsuit Against Department of Homeland Security

Department of Homeland Security Files Binding Operating Directive 17-01 Leading Kaspersky to Take Action Earlier this month, President Trump signed into law the Binding Operating Directive 17-01  (BOD).  The BOD called for a ban of Kaspersky Labs products on U.S. government devices.  Throughout this year, concerns have risen regarding potential ties between the Russian government and Russian-based security […]

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Kaspersky Remains in Hot Water

Kaspersky Continues to Struggle Since May of 2017, Russian-based security company, Kaspersky Labs has been in hot water with the US government and major retailers.  Concerns arose when alleged ties were exposed between the Russian government and Kaspersky Labs.  The initial domino that seemed to set everything into motion was when the US government expressed […]

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Reports Claim Kaspersky Knowingly Played Role in NSA Hack

More Breaking News – Kaspersky Labs Knew of NSA Breach Role? In 2015 a government contractor placed confidential, NSA data on his personal computer.  This computer was using the Russian-based security solution, Kaspersky Labs.  Allegations have been surrounding Kaspersky Labs, regarding inappropriate ties to the Russian government, as well as collusion with the hackers who […]

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Israel Warned U.S. of Kaspersky After Hacking Their Network

Israel Raises Concerns to U.S. Regarding Kaspersky Labs Americans now have a better idea why the government has decided to block federal agencies from using Russian-based security company, Kaspersky Labs, products.  Engadget reported, “Israel-linked hackers were watching Russian hackers breach an NSA contractor’s computer in real-time using a popular anti-virus tool. “ During this process, […]

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Kremlin Hackers Use Kaspersky Antivirus to Obtain NSA Data

New Developments Explain How Russia Obtained NSA’s Internal Details – And Guess Who’s in the Middle?? In 2015, the National Security Agency (NSA) suffered a data breach, that went undetected until early spring of 2016.  The breach was direct aftermath of a contractor transferring highly classified information to his home PC.  The hackers, who were […]

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Avoid the Kaspersky Scandal – Find a Better Solution

The Kaspersky Scandal Kaspersky Labs is a Russian-based security company that develops endpoint security solutions for businesses and home-users around the world.  But you might have already known that. However, what you may not know is, the growing scandal regarding the alleged ties between the Russian government and Kaspersky.  Although the company has adamantly denied […]

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Kaspersky Labs Slated to Lose More Customers

Kaspersky Labs U.S. Sales Drop Over the last few months, Kaspersky has faced major hurdles when it came to their U.S. sales.  This appears to be a direct result of the U.S. government investigating the alleged ties between Kaspersky Labs and the Russian government.  Very little information is being disclosed to the public, regarding the […]

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U.S. Government Ordered Federal Agencies to Remove Kaspersky From All Devices

Federal Agencies Have 90 Days to Remove Kaspersky Labs Products Moscow-based security company, Kaspersky Labs, has been in hot water this year.  With the U.S. investigating potential ties between the company and the Russian government, several entities have abandon the use of the popular antivirus.  First, the U.S. government removed Kaspersky from all military devices. […]

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No. 1 U.S. Electronics Retailer Drops Kaspersky Products

Best Buy No Longer Selling Kaspersky Best Buy, the largest electronic retailer in America, has removed the Russian-based security solution, Kaspersky Labs, from its shelves.  The decision to cut the security program from their product line comes shortly after the FBI urged private sector companies to discontinue the use of Kaspersky on their devices. Both […]

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White House Confirms – Kaspersky Tied to Russian Government

Kaspersky Ties to Russian FSB Revealed Kaspersky Labs, the Moscow-based security provider, has adamatly denied any ties to the Russian government.  However, CBS News recently confirmed a certificate has surfaced confirming a relationship between the security firm and the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).  This certificate confirms the U.S. government’s concerns of ties between the […]

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FBI Urges Private Sector Companies — Remove Kaspersky Labs Now!

FBI Wants Companies to Drop Kaspersky Labs Like a Bad Habit FBI officials are encouraging private sector companies to cease the use of Kaspersky Labs products immediately.  Kaspersky Labs, a Russian-based security solution provider, has been under scrutiny recently due to concerns regarding alleged ties between the company and the Russian government.  As a computer […]

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Kaspersky and Microsoft Settle Antitrust Complaint

Just months ago, Russian-based cyber security company, Kaspersky filed an antitrust complaint with Russia’s Federal Anti-Monopoly Services (FAS).  The complaint was centered around the concern of Microsoft using their market share in the PC industry to push end-users to Microsoft’s security program, Windows Defender.  A specific issue sited included Microsoft blocking third-party security vendors from […]

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If Congress Gets Their Way – It’ll be Goodbye to Kaspersky Labs

U.S. Government Using Kaspersky Labs As early as 2008, Russian-based antivirus company, Kaspersky Labs, has been used on U.S. government devices.  However, with the rising concern of ties between Kaspersky Labs and the Russian government, the United States Congress is taking major steps to prevent the use of Kaspersky on government devices.  In May of […]

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Russia Blaming U.S. for NotPetya Attacks

NotPetya Allegations – Russia or U.S.? Last week, the latest cyber weapon was revealed.  NotPetya, a malware that is meant to seek and destroy data, attacked various business entities around the world.  Now Ukraine, which appeared to be the primary target of NotPetya, is claiming the Russians are to blame.  Although no official statement has […]

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Is Microsoft Ruining Software Companies Lives?

Does Kaspersky Have a Point? Last week an article was written regarding Kaspersky filing an antitrust complaint to the European Union, targeting Microsoft.  Kaspersky claimed Microsoft has put up various road blocks for third-party anti-virus (AV) companies, making it impossible to stay on a level playing field. The article published last week generated a large […]

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Kaspersky Targets Microsoft in Complaint to European Union

Antitrust Complaint Filed Against Microsoft Kaspersky has filed a complaint with the European Union (EU) against Microsoft.  The complaint claims Microsoft is putting up road blocks up against security companies from having the ability to compete on a level playing field.  According to Bloomberg, Kaspersky believes Microsoft is driving up the cost of third-party security […]

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GSA Approved Russian Software to be Used For Government Security Protection

Russian Software “Protecting” Government Data As we know, Kaspersky is a Russian-based security company that provides anti-virus software for home, enterprise and government use.  Years ago, Kaspersky was approved by the GSA, an administration in charge for vetting government contracts, to sell their software to government agencies.  According to Buzzfeed, the first U.S. government agency […]

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Well this is Interesting…

Is Kaspersky in Hot Water?? The Russian newspaper Kommersant recently broke news regarding the arrest of Ruslan Stoyanov, the head of Kaspersky Lab’s investigations unit.  Stoyanov was arrested in December for treason allegations.  It is reported Stoyanov served as a major to the cybercrime unit of Russia’s Ministry of Interior for six years prior to his employment […]

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