Dave’s Computer Tips: Do outbound firewalls really work?

do outbound firewalls work

Computer security is one of the most widely discussed and hotly debated topics known to man. Want to start an internet fight? Just ask a question security software on any forum. Right after Antivirus choice in the “guaranteed to provide a lively discussion” topics list is firewalls. So, is there any REAL benefit to a firewall that provides outbound protection?

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Bob Rankin: Spear Phishing & Internet Security


By Bob Rankin

Spear phishing is a cybercrime technique that lures victims into revealing passwords, credit card data, and other sensitive information by masquerading as a communication from a trusted entity. The spear phishing communication – usually an email – looks very much like a familiar email format sent by your bank, Facebook, or anyone from which you’re accustomed to getting email. It may even include your name and other details which reassure you that “this is someone I know”. But beware, it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing…

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