Indian-Based Tech Support Scam Settles with FTC for $136K

FTC Settles with Tech Support Scammers — Again… In October of 2017, the FTC and the State of Alabama settled with multiple tech support companies who were scamming victims out of hundreds of dollars.  Now, less than a year later, the FTC settled with another individual tied to two more Indian-based technical support scam companies. […]

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The Federal Trade Commission Alerts Customers to New Scam

Federal Trade Commission Issues Scam Warning The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning customers not to fall for the latest scam hackers are attempting to execute.  According to KWQC News, scam artists are calling customers, claiming to be from the FTC.  The hackers claim to be issuing major refunds.  But there is a catch.  First, […]

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Lenovo Accepts $3.5M Fine to Settle With FTC

Lenovo Ordered to Pay $3.5M Fine for Superfish Software The FTC and Lenovo have reached a settlement of $3.5 million, as a direct result of the company allowing potentially malicious software to be installed on new PCs without the user’s knowledge.  From 2014 to 2015, as many as 750,000 new Lenovo computers came with VisualDiscovery […]

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FTC Offers 25K For IoT Security Program

WANTED: IoT Security Program The Federal Trade Commission has offered a $25,000 prize to developers who are able to create a security platform for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.  Why?  Because these devices are highly unprotected.  When developing the latest smart TV, nanny cam, or home security devices, developers rarely think about hackers.  The issue of […]

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