Didn’t Read Facebook’s Terms and Conditions? You’re Not Alone

Facebook Works to Change Terms and Conditions to Enhance User Friendliness Facebook has been facing backlash recently due to the security scandal tied to Cambridge Analytica.  This scandal has created a ripple effect regarding concerns expressed by users.  Users of the social media platform are concerned about how their data has been used in the past, […]

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Did the Facebook Leak Impact You?

Find Out If Your Information Was Harvested from Facebook Facebook, continues to work toward rebuilding their brand after facing a major security scandal alongside London’s elections consultancy, Cambridge Analytica.  Reports have confirmed personal data was harvested from the social media giant from Cambridge Analytica.  It is believed, the election firm then used the data to […]

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Locky Ransomware Spreads Through Facebook Messenger

Locky Ransomware Maneuvers Past Facebook Security Locky ransomware has wormed its way past the security features of Facebook Messenger. The malware is currently being spread by a malicious image link being sent through the messaging feature of the popular social media platform. Reports suggest Facebook is working to fix the issue. This all started with […]

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Stop Facebook from Using Your Name and Photos in Ads

stop facebook from using your name and photos in ads

Every once in a while, you get to hear the rumor on Facebook that Facebook Will Start Using Your Photos in Ads on Friday. Well, to be honest. its just that and nothing more. No such thing is happening anytime soon.
But it is nevertheless a good idea to NOT get caught unawares – as there is an element of truth somewhere in that message.

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