Predicting Vulnerable PCs – Microsoft Kicks Off New Initiative

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Launches New Anti-Malware Initiative Microsoft has just kicked off their latest cyber security initiative.  The company is offering up a $25,000 award for data scientists who can correctly predict which Windows PCs are more likely to fall victim to malware attacks.   So far, over 80 teams have joined the challenge.  The data scientists will […]

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USPS Suffers Major Breach, Leaving Millions Exposed

60 Million Users Exposed Due to USPS’s Overlooked Security Breach The United States Postal Service (USPS) just fixed a security vulnerability that previously allowed anyone who has an account at, to view account details for approximately 60 million other users.  What is worse is, in some cases, users were able to access and modify account […]

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An Antivirus Protection That Never Quits

Antivirus Protection that Never Quits — What Every Customer in the World Needs Cyber security threats are evolving every single day.  As customers of antivirus solutions, you need to demand better products.  You need to demand an antivirus protection that never quits.  But what would that look like? Consistent Innovation First, is the need for […]

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Maintaining Cyber Security While Traveling This Summer

Cyber Security Shouldn’t Take a Backseat for Summer Travel While traveling this summer, it is entirely likely users will find themselves in need of a WiFi connection.  Often times, users will connect to a public WiFi connection to conduct whatever business they need to accomplish.  This may include online banking, checking work emails, researching a topic, […]

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Proactive or Reactive, the Two Alternative Security Approaches

There Are Two Security Approaches – Which Fits You Best? When considering a security solution, individuals consider various aspects including price, usability, compatibility, and customer reviews.  However, how often do customers dig deeper?  Do they look at malware detection rates?  Do they look at the security approach taken by the antivirus vendor?  The answer to […]

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Top 9 Malware Variants Targeting the Education Sector

Why Schools Are Targeted When industries think of cyber targets, often times the education sector is not included.  Why?  Well, it is believed they do not carry the financial weight of bigger targets like enterprises or the healthcare industry.  Although, school systems do still hold a plethora of critical data that can be easily exploited.  […]

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Cyber Security Risks of SMBs – The Not So Pretty Truth

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) Facing Major Risks Cyber criminals do not discriminate.  Businesses of all shapes and sizes, even home users, are not immune to today’s cyber threats.  Prior to ransomware, remediation was possible.  Users would get infected with malware and the user would run their antivirus to remove it and resolve the negative […]

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Colorado Medical Practice Suffers Ransomware and Potential Breach

Longs Peak Family Practice in Colorado Suffers Cyber Attacks Longs Peak Family Practice in Longmont, Colorado suffered a ransomware attack in early November.  According to their public statement, the facility did not pay the ransom.  Instead they were able to remediate the encrypted files using backups.  A few days after the ransomware attack, the IT […]

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Cyber Security Spending Expected to Skyrocket in 2018

Gartner Expect Cyber Security Spending to Reach $96B in 2018 The research firm Gartner is anticipating cyber security spending to reach $96 billion in 2018.  The expected increase in identity access management and security services, is in a large part due to the global ransomware attacks and major security breaches, such as Equifax, that hit […]

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Convenience Deemed More Critical Than Online Security

Online Security Takes Backseat to Convenience Although cyber security has been brought to everyone’s attention due to the recent global ransomware attacks, and major security breaches, it still takes a backseat to customer convenience.  A recent survey discovered merchants believe the degree of user-friendliness is the number one priority compared to the level of online security […]

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NY Hospital Dumps $10M to Rebuild Systems After Ransomware Attack

Ransomware completely took over Erie County Medical Center’s (ECMC) computer systems in April.  The malware completely corrupted the systems, and the hackers demanded $30,000 in ransom if they wanted the systems restored.  Instead, the medical facility spent approximately $10 million to rebuild its systems.  Roughly half of those funds were the cost of hardware, software, and […]

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Girl Scouts Aim to Level the Playing Field in Cyber Security

Girl Scouts Offer 18 New Cyber Security Badges Reports suggest only 11% of positions in the global cyber security workforce are held by females.  Therefore, the Girl Scouts are doing their part to level the playing field.  The organization is taking steps to peak young girls’ interests in cyber security, beginning as early as age […]

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Shifting Cyber Security Industry Focus To Detection Rates

Security Strategy – Shifting the Industry’s Focus Rob Cheng, founder and CEO of PC Matic, was featured on Malware Threats Exploding: Profit with New Endpoint Security, a channel cast  hosted by The Channel Co.  During which, Rob shared his stance on the importance of preventative malware detection.  As well as stressing, security solution consumers need […]

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Healthcare Industry Projected to Spend Over $65B in Cyber Security in the Next 5 Years

The healthcare industry has become one of the primary targets for cyber security attacks, and they know it.  Therefore, in an attempt to block cyber criminals from attacking their facilities, the healthcare industry plans to increase their cyber security budgets.  According to the Herjavec Group, in the next five years, medical facilities will spend over […]

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When It Comes To Computer Security — Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Some people believe ignorance is bliss.  Which may be true, under certain circumstances.  However, I can assure you, one of those circumstances is not computer security. 19.63% Of PC Users Choose Not To Use Security Programs In a recent survey conducted by PC Matic, 19.63% of respondents stated they were not using an anti-virus solution.  […]

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Experts Weigh In On Expected Cyber Security Trends of 2017

2017 – Expected Cyber Security Trends A new year brings new cyber security trends, and a group of experts weighed in on this very topic to Techopedia.  Each expert had their own opinions on the latest trends and threats that our cyber security infrastructure may be facing in 2017.  PC Matic’s Vice President of Cyber Security, […]

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88% of Employees Lack Cyber Security Awareness

MediaPro recently conducted a survey focusing on cyber security, which included eight specific security scenarios.  The survey was completed by 1,000 U.S. employees.  After completion of the survey, it was determined only 12% of the respondents have enough cyber security awareness to prevent privacy issues or a cyber attack.  It was also determined, based on the […]

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78% of IT Decision Makers Aren’t Prepared for Cyber Criminals

Cyber criminals attack in various ways, and a vast majority of IT departments aren’t ready… In a study, shared by Healthcare IT News, 94% of IT decision makers reported being aware of the cyber security risks their companies are facing.  However, almost half of them do not have a preventative cyber security plan in place.  Of […]

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October Is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Today’s cyber security threats are growing, is it because of lack of awareness? October 1st, marks the beginning of National Cyber Security Awareness Month.  Cyber security threats have continued to grow over the last few years.  These threats include not only the security breaches that left millions of personal data files exposed, but also the […]

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