Targeted Attacks or Untargeted Attacks – Which is Most Common?

Targeted and Untargeted Cyber Attacks Before discussing the attack methods of hackers, targeted or untargeted, we first must understand the difference between the two. First, untargeted attacks are when hackers have no specific vertical, business, or person they are attacking.  Instead, they simply cast as wide of a net as possible, and send out the […]

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Petya Creators Reveals Themselves to Confirm Latest Attack Was Not Petya

Ransomware Creator Verifies, Latest Global Attack was not Petya This week, another global attack hit the world.  Initial reports claimed the attack was a version of the Petya ransomware.  However, after further investigation, it was determined the global attack was not Petya.  It wasn’t even ransomware.  The malware variant spread throughout the attack, deemed NotPetya, […]

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Cyber Attacks are Hitting England

England Targeted Victim of Cyber Attacks British Parliament Targeted in “Determined” Cyber Attack The British parliament was the recent victim of a “sustained and determined” cyber attack.  The attack was targeting weak email passwords.  The parliament was able to isolate the infection and took precautionary measures to mitigate the spread.  They decided by temporarily disabling […]

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