Are Russian Hackers Planning a Massive Cyber Attack?

Concerns Arise Over Potential Cyber Attack Targeting Ukraine According to BleepingComputer, some major fears are arising regarding a potential cyber attack that is targeting Ukraine.  So far, over 500,000 routers, in 54 different countries, have been infected with a malicious virus deemed VPNFilter.  The infected devices include: Linksys, Models: E1200, E2500, and WRVS4400N Mikrotik RouterOS for […]

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Newly Released Malware is No One-Trick Pony

Russian Based Malware Found All Over the World A new Russian-based malware variant, deemed SquirtDanger, has been spreading throughout the globe.  SquirtDanger was developed by a single, sophisticated author, who leaves the malicious distribution method up to the hackers.  However, the variant has been found spreading primarily through a Trojan download.  Upon infection, the malicious […]

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Unknown Malware Takes Down California College

California College Suffers Cyber Attack On April 11, 2018, the Long Beach City College suffered a malware infection which took several systems offline.  Forty-eight hours later, multiple systems remain impacted.  According to the California college’s website, those services include: faculty and staff email LBCC Student Viking Student System Voicemail HR System Financial Services Online Schedule […]

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Hacker’s Fumbled Coding Saved Lives – Although They Didn’t Want To…

Unknown Hackers Target Saudi Plant, Hoping to Cause Explosion A cyber attack that hit a private petrochemical company in Saudi Arabia was executed with the end result being an explosion.  Fortunately, there was an error in the coding, which didn’t trigger what could have been a deadly event. The attack occurred in August of 2017, […]

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Olympics Opening Ceremonies Impacted by Malware

Malware Takes Systems Offline, Disrupting 2018 Winter Olympics An unknown malware variant infected the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics computer systems.  The infection took place right before the opening ceremonies on February 9, 2018.  It appears the infection was initiated by an insider who knew various pieces of the networking and credentials needed to successfully infiltrate the systems.  […]

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Clients’ Secret Emails Revealed After Deloitte Hit With Cyber Attack

Major Accountancy Firm Suffers Cyber Attack Cyber criminals infiltrated one of the world’s “big-four” accountancy firms, Deloitte.  It is believed the attacks wormed into the system in November or December of last year and remained undetected until March of 2017.  During this time, the hackers were able to access the company’s email systems, and potentially […]

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Concerns Raised – Was Cyber Attack the Cause for USS McCain Collision?

What Caused the USS John S. McCain Collision? With the collision of the USS John S. McCain naval ship into an oil tanker near Singapore, questions arose regarding what caused the incident.  Initial reports were a steering failure; however, additional factors were later released.   Reports began to surface of a potential cyber attack, which […]

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Outdated OS to Blame For Latest NHS Cyber Attack?

NHS Hit Again… The largest medical facility in England, NHS, has been known as one of the largest targets for cyber security threats.  After being hit over and over again with various forms of malware, NHS was infected again on Friday, January 13, 2017. Although initial reports were of a ransomware attack, officials reported they do not believe the […]

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