Apple Declines to Comment on Growing Malware Threats

Ransomware & Spyware Targets Apple’s Mac Computers With Apple’s market share growing, it is fair to assume cyber criminals will broaden their hacking horizons beyond Windows PCs.  Recently, ransomware was found targeting Mac computers.  Ransomware, or the malicious software that encrypts user data and demands payment in order for the user to regain access, has […]

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Apple App Store Fills With Malware

Apple has been criticized with their strict regulations for getting apps approved for their app store.  However, it was recently reported by Fortune that the Apple App Store has been filled with malicious apps, just in time for the holiday shopping season.  Some of the malicious apps include falsified versions of the Dollar Tree, Nordstrom’s […]

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Microsoft is the Bad Guy?

You buy a PC. There is crapware all over it. Unwanted trial programs slow your brand new system to a crawl. We’re talking about the programs installed by the OEMs, you know, HP, Sony, Dell, those guys. The programs we’re talking about are the trial office and antivirus, games and photo albums. You name it and it’s there. You don’t need it and you shouldn’t want it.

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Bits from Bill Pytlovany: Macs hit by Malware Epidemic

apple hit by malware epidemic

Over the years I’ve attended a number of conferences and panels on what originally was called Spyware and Adware. I think we’ve finally settled on using the term Malware for any kind of spyware, virus, Trojan horse or any kind of unwanted computer invasion. I fondly remember my first conference in Washington DC which included panel discussions like “What is Spyware”.

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Ask Dave Taylor: Disable Carrier IQ Data Tracking On Your iPhone?


I’ve been reading about the privacy mess surrounding Carrier IQ, a company that apparently supplies diagnostic software for cellphones, and am anxious about my privacy. I have an iPhone and Apple has variously said that they have it, that they don’t have it any more, and that they still have it but are going to remove the Carrier IQ utility. What’s the story and how can I disable it on my new iPhone 4s?

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The iPad is a great tablet, but it’s not the only tablet. While there was a time where it was the only high-performance tablet on the market, that time has passed. There are now a number of high-powered tablets running Android. We even did a comparison between the iPad and the Kindle Fire last week. These tablets include premium specs such as 10-inch screens, dual-core processors and overall solid hardware. If the iPad just isn’t for you, a number of these tablets could fit your needs. Here, we take a look at the top 5 iPad competitors to keep an eye on this holiday season.

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Dodge Retort: Steve Jobs, a few encounters of my own


Jobs was brilliant, tyrannical, funny, driven and many other things that typify game-changers. He will be endlessly eulogized over coming days and weeks and written about for years and decades. What I can uniquely offer are a few encounters I had with Jobs and the perspective of someone who has covered computers and IT since January, 1980.

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The PC Is Far From Dead

First the iPhone comes out as the first of a slew of smart phones, and many pundits and industry observers forecasted the death of the PC. Now there is a tablet tsunami, and the entire world is in a frenzy about the ultimate demise of our great friend and companion, the trusty computer. Well, the death of the PC is greatly exaggerated. Worse yet, for some reason, the exageration seems to be willful and intentional. What do they have against the good old PC anyhow? I have no idea, but let me debunk this nonsense.

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