Debugging and Unpacking Malicious Software

READ FIRST: Disclaimer – Malware can destroy data, damage your computer, cause your computer to damage other computers, steal information, or cause other harm to property and even life in the case of a system which is in control of some equipment or machinery. When analyzing malware, you must always do so on a machine […]

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WanaCrypt0r – A dive into the code

Wanacrypt0r ransom screen

Introduction During the past few days, as one might expect, we’ve been getting lots of news, reports, and files for the ransomware entitled WanaCrypt0r/WannaCry/WanaCrypt. First and foremost, the good news is that customers of PC Matic SuperShield were protected from WanaCrypt0r the entire time. However, this post aims to provide a technical analysis of how […]

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