Another Connecticut Facility Suffers From Cyber Attack

Two Ransomware Attacks Strike in Connecticut Last week, we reported on Middleton School District, located in Connecticut becoming infected with ransomware.  This led to only two of their six systems being partially operational.  Now, a week later the Derby Police Department released they too have been a victim of ransomware.  Although, there is no evidence […]

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Missouri Regional Medical Facility Diverts Patients Elsewhere, Post Ransomware Attack

Missouri’s Cass Regional Medical Facility Falls Victim to Cyber Attack Cass Regional Medical Center, located in Kansas City, Missouri was infected with ransomware on July 9, 2018.  Health IT Security reported the organization responded with their emergency response efforts within 30 minutes of suspected infiltration.  The facility’s IT department is continuing work to restore the […]

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Ransomware Damages Projected to Total $8 Billion for 2018

Ransomware Damages Expected to Increase 60% Year-Over-Year Last year, PC Matic reported ransomware damages were expected to reach $11.5 billion by 2019; a 130% increase from 2017.  Now, nine months after that initial post, reports are suggesting that total is quite accurate, and unfortunately rather attainable.  According to our friends at KnowBe4, ransomware damages are expected […]

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Over Half of Company Execs Are Paying Hacker’s Ransom Demands

A Majority of Executives are Paying Hackers According to Bitcoinist, a new study has been conducted regarding ransomware attacks and the tendency of those hackers of getting paid.  Merrill Research surveyed 232 executives worldwide, and 69% said their company faced a ransom attack in the past year.  This is a significant jump, considering only 14% of […]

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Connecticut School District Attempts to Remediate After Ransomware Corrupted Systems

Middleton Schools in Connecticut Suffer from Ransomware Attack Another ransomware has hit, yet another, school district.  This time, it was Middleton District Schools, located in Middleton, Connecticut.  The cyber attack is currently under investigation.  Meaning, very few details are being released.  What we do know is, an unknown ransomware variant infiltrated the school’s systems on […]

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New Ransomware Scam Demands Payment Before Infection

Ransomware Scam is Just That – A Scam A new ransomware scam was recently discovered, where hackers are now demanding payment prior to infecting the user’s device.  The hackers have been sending out emails claiming they are going to infect the user’s device on a specific date.  Once the infection takes place, the data will […]

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Liberty Life Attempts to Recover from Cyber Attack

Liberty Life Insurance Suffers from Ransomware Attack Liberty Life insurance, headquartered in Southern Africa, is attempting to recover from a ransomware attack.  On June 16, 2018, the organization notified millions of their customers the company had been the victim of a cyber attack.  As a result, several emails and attachments that were encrypted.  In addition, there […]

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Atlanta’s Ransomware Attack Costs Continue to Increase

The City of Atlanta’s Ransomware Attack Costs Keep Growing On March 22nd, PC Pitstop shared the story of the SamSam ransomware attack that took down the City of Atlanta.  It took almost a week, before the city’s offices were able to turn on their computers, and now, almost three months later, the infection is still […]

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Minnesota Facility Paid Hacker’s Ransom Demands

Minnesota Mental Health Facility Falls Victim to Ransomware Attack Associates in Psychiatry and Psychology, located in Rochester, Minnesota discovered its files had been locked with the ransomware variant deemed Triple-M on March 31, 2018.  Beyond locking the facility’s files, the attack also disabled the computers’ system restore functions and reformatted the network storage device; which was […]

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Ransomware Takes Down Another Medical Facility – This Time in Michigan

Michigan Medical Facility Suffers Ransomware Attack Allied Physicians, located in Michiana, Michigan was the victim of a ransomware attack on May 17, 2018.  Reports confirmed the computer network was quickly shut down in an attempt to contain the cyber attack.  Although, officials would not disclose how long the firm’s systems were impacted, they did indicate […]

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Ohio Police and Fire Departments Suffer Two Ransomware Attacks Within a Month

Ransomware Takes Out Ohio Police and Fire Departments, Again… Riverside Fire and Police Departments, located in Ohio, have been the target of recent ransomware attacks.  In mid-April, an undisclosed ransomware took down the public municipality’s networks.  Officials reported, they did not pay the ransom demands, instead choosing to work with their IT staff to rebuild […]

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Ransomware Takes Down Oregon Public School

Another Ransomware Attack Targets Oregon Public School Roseburg Public Schools in Oregon is the most recent educational institution feeling the wrath of cyber criminals.  On Monday, May 7, 2018, school officials identified an undisclosed ransomware variant on their networks.  The malicious attack took down the school’s email systems, website, and software.  IT professionals are working […]

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California Medical Facility Notifies Patients of Breach, Post-Ransomware Infection

85,000 Patients Notified of Security Breach The Center of Orthopedic Specialists, a California medical facility, suffered a ransomware infection in February of 2018.  Now months later, the medical facility is informing patients of a potential security breach as a result of the ransomware infection.  Approximately 85,000 patient files may have been compromised, potentially releasing information including: Social […]

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Massachusetts School Pays Hackers – Still Waiting for Data

Leominster Schools of Massachusetts Suffer Ransomware Attack During the week of April 16,, 2018, hackers infiltrated the networks of Leominster Schools, leaving information inaccessible to student and staff.  On Friday, April 20th, officials decided to pay the $10,000 ransom demands via bitcoin.  Massachusetts officials have stated, as of April 26th, they have yet to gain access to their […]

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Georgia Faces Yet another Ransomware Attack

Ransomware Infects Georgia’s Dawson County Dawson County computers were infected with a malicious attack on Monday, April 23, 2018. The attack was first identified by the tax assessor’s office. Shortly after the ransomware was confirmed, servers and endpoints were taken offline in an attempt to mitigate the infection. IT professionals were able to work through […]

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Ransomware Riddles Massachusetts Town Office

Rockport, Massachusetts Riddle with Ransomware Ransomware took down networks at the Rockport Town Office, located in Massachusetts, on April 13, 2018.  Since, IT professionals have been working overtime to get computer systems working at full capacity and to restore city data.  Fortunately, they were able to recover data through the backup systems; however, all information […]

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IBM Reports Ransomware is the World’s Largest Threat

IBM Security Announces Breaches Drop, While Ransomware Skyrockets On Monday, IBM Security announced results from its 2018 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index which found the number of records breached dropped nearly 25%, while ransomware continues to skyrocket.  Ransomware, malicious software that encrypts files or entire networks, demands a ransom payment to decrypt the files.  Unfortunately, […]

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Baltimore’s 911 Systems Down After Ransomware Infected Systems

Ransomware Takes Baltimore’s Emergency Systems Offline On March 28, 2018 Baltimore city officials confirmed the city’s emergency systems had been infected with an unknown ransomware variant.  The infection was found on Sunday, March 25th, which led the IT department to taking systems offline.  For approximately 17 hours, Baltimore’s electronic emergency systems were unavailable.  Therefore, employees […]

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Atlanta’s City Systems Suffer Outages After Ransomware Infection

Update, 4/2/2018: The City of Atlanta continues to struggle getting their systems back online.  Since turning on computers last week, they have found a plethora of data that has been left inaccessible.  The city has not paid the $51,000 ransom demand, and remains uncertain if they will be able to recover the remaining data that […]

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New York Clinic Goes to Paper Charting After Ransomware Infects System

New York Medical Facility Riddled with Ransomware Finger Lakes Health, of Geneva, New York was infected with an unknown ransomware variant on March 18, 2018.  Therefore, the medical facility’s systems were left completely encrypted, with an unknown third-party demanding a ransom payment.  The amount of the payment has not been disclosed, and it remains unclear […]

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Ransomware Takes Georgia Town’s Email and Phone Systems Offline

Ransomware Takes Georgia’s City of Hinesville Offline An unknown ransomware variant took down the City of Hinesville in late February.  Initially, the ransomware attack was reported as an IT incident; however, city officials are now reporting their systems were indeed infected with ransomware on February 20th.  The exact ransomware variant is unknown, and the ransom […]

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Connecticut Court Systems Taken Offline Post-Ransomware Infection

Connecticut Courts Riddled with Ransomware After being corrupted with ransomware, Connecticut court systems had no option but to take their systems offline.  Court staff members first realized there was a problem in their systems on March 9, 2018. The exact ransomware variant that infected the systems is unknown.  However, after investigation, court officials do not […]

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Ransomware Variants Double in 2017 – The Blacklist Cannot Keep Up

The Blacklist Cannot Keep Up with New Ransomware Variants In 2016, NextGov reported 1,419 ransomware variants, compared to 2,855 in 2017.  These are only the confirm malicious variants.  New strains are being created every minute of every day.  Therefore, knowing the exact number and exact coding of all malicious variants is impossible, which is why […]

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Ransomware Takes Down Alabama City Computers

Alabama City Falls Victim An unknown ransomware variant attacked an Alabama city, taking their operations offline.  The City of Leeds systems were riddled with ransomware over a week ago.  Computers within the fire and police departments were impacted.  Although, officials stated emergency response was not impacted. The city was demanded to make a payment of […]

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The Blacklist Fails Again – Colorado DOT Corrupted with Ransomware

Update 4/6/2018: Six weeks after the ransomware variant, SamSam infiltrated Colorado DOT’s networks, systems are still not running at full efficiency.  The remediation cost have totaled approximately $1.5 million, and networks are only working at 80%.  The costs included in the estimate only include the overtime costs and other unexpected costs. Update 3/6/2018: This just keeps getting […]

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New Ransomware as a Service (Raas) Offered — FREE of Charge

New Ransomware Variant Spread Through Free RaaS Offering As if things couldn’t get worse, hackers have now acquired a free ransomware variant to distribute however they may like.  The latest variant deemed Saturn, is being offered as a Ransomware as a Service (Raas), free of charge.  This means, hackers are provided the malicious code.  From […]

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Ransomware Slows North Carolina County Offices to a Crawl

Ransomware Strikes North Carolina County Offices Another ransomware attack has been executed.  This time, the victim was North Carolina’s Davidson County.  Officials noticed an issue with their systems on February 16, 2018.  The malicious infection took down several county office networks, forcing employees to go back to pen and paper.  It remains unclear if the […]

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19.5M California Voter Records Breached After Ransomware Infection

Sacramento Bee Ransomware Infection Exposes Millions An unknown ransomware variant infected the Sacramento Bee database on towards the end of January.  The ransomware infection was able to execute because the newspaper’s firewall did not turn back on after updates took place.  It is expected systems were vulnerable for two weeks; although, it remains unclear how […]

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Hackers Now Threaten School Shootings Post-Ransomware Infections

Cyber Criminals Stoop to New Low – Threatening Student Safety The FBI and Department of Education have issued a warning to educational institutions regarding the cyber threat, ransomware.  Ransomware is a malicious software that infects systems and locks important files.  After locking these files, the hackers demand a payment to unlock them.  In some instances, […]

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Is South Carolina a Major Ransomware Target? Another Infection Disclosed…

South Carolina Library Added to List of Ransomware Victims Just yesterday we reported on the third South Carolina school district that has been infected with ransomware in the past year.  Now, Spartanburg County Library has disclosed they too have been hit with ransomware.  Due to the ransomware infection, checking out books has been proven difficult.  […]

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Another South Carolina School District Attacked With Ransomware

Ransomware Attacks Third South Carolina School District Over the last year, three different ransomware attacks have successfully infected three different South Carolina school districts.  The first reports of Horry County Schools being riddled with ransomware came in February of 2016.  That school district gained approval to pay the $8,500 ransom demand in order to restore […]

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Allscripts Faces Lawsuit Due to Ransomware Infection

Ransomware Infection May Cost Allscripts Big Money… Allscripts, a company that provides electronic record systems for medical facilities was hit with a ransomware infection earlier this month.  The ransomware attack impacted several medical locations throughout the U.S., leaving them without access to their electronic data.  The severity of the impact for each facility remains unknown.  […]

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Ohio Physicians Clinic Shuts Down After Ransomware Attack

Ransomware Leaves Ohio Clinic Inoperable We’ve heard of ransomware infections infecting hospitals and clinics.  We’ve also heard that at times patients have been sent away because some of the more sophisticated procedures could not be done.  Now, a medical clinic in northeastern Ohio has been completely shut down due to a ransomware attack.  Pulmonary Physicians […]

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Fake Crytpo-Currency, Ransomware & Malware in One Attack

New “Get Rich Quick” Scheme Leads to Ransomware A new scam is luring people into downloading ransomware.  The scheme is targeting crypto-wallet users, and could also be spreading through phishing attacks.  The scam is encouraging users to download a new form of crypto-currency that is bound to make them buku bucks.  The fake crypto-currency, SpriteCoin, […]

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Ransomware Attacks of 2018

Ransomware has become rather well known in the cyber security industry over the last two years.  It is projected there were $5 billion dollars worth of ransomware damages in 2017, and that number is only expected to increase in 2018.  Below you will find a list of the publicized ransomware attacks of 2018. If you’re […]

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Idaho School District Struggles to Recover Weeks Post Infection

Six Weeks After Ransomware Attack, Idaho School District Still Struggling… Jerome School District, located in Jerome, Idaho, is still struggling to get their systems fully functional, six weeks after a ransomware infection.  After successfully encrypting the district’s files on December 11, 2017, the cyber criminals demanded bitcoin to decrypt, or unlock, the files.  At that […]

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Ransomware Infects New Mexico City Office

Ransomware Attack Targets New Mexico City Office On January 3, 2018, the ransomware variant, SamSam, infected the city offices of Farmington, New Mexico.  The ransomware infection successfully encrypted multiple areas of the city office including the electronic bill pay and records processing.  Although, the infection did not impact utility operations and the city office has […]

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Another Attack Hits Indiana Hospital – Was it Tied to the First?

Two Indiana Hospital Ransomware Attacks Hit on the Same Day On January 11th, Hancock Regional Hospital was hit with ransomware.  After resorting to paper filing, they chose to pay the $55,000 ransom demands.  What’s even more shocking is, they had the backup files available to restore the system without paying the ransom.  Now, another report […]

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Indiana Hospital Resorts to Paper Filing After Ransomware Takes Down Systems

Update, 1/16/2018: Hancock Regional Hospital ended up paying the ransom demand of $55,000.  Officials are still reporting patient data was not breached.  Officials did report the 1,400 files that were ecrypted were backed up, and could have been replaced.  Although, they believed it would be more cost effective to pay the ransom demands to regain […]

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Ransomware Infects South Dakota City Hall

Cyber Attack Hits South Dakota Town The first publicized ransomware attack appears to have taken place in the small town of Belle Fourche, South Dakota.  On January 4th, officials reported two of Belle Fourche’s city hall computers were inoperable after ransomware had infiltrated the system.  Neither the ransomware variant, nor the ransom demands have been […]

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Dartmouth College Hit With Ransomware Attack

Cyber Criminals Target College in Ransomware Attack On December 18, 2017 Dartmouth College, located in Hanover, New Hampshire, was the victim of a cyber attack.  Officials noticed unauthorized activity, and determined there was a virus on their systems.  It was determined the virus was designed to encrypt files.  Although, the encryption was not able to […]

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Top Cyber Threats of 2017 & Tips to Stay Safe in 2018

The 2017 Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR) broke down the cyber security threats the world faced last year.  Not only will we discuss some key features, but also ways to mitigate each threat. 73% of Malware Attacks were Distributed via Phishing Attacks Emails with malicious intent, or phishing emails, proved to be the method of […]

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Two Romanians Facing Charges for Hacking 123 D.C. Cameras

Hackers Arrested for Massive Cyber Attack Almost a year ago, PC Pitstop reported on a ransomware attack that took out 123 surveillance cameras days before President Trump’s inauguration.  After determining the cameras were infected with malware, it was determined Dharma and Cerber ransomware were also on the systems.  Beyond infecting the systems with ransomware, there […]

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Ransomware Attack Impacts Nebraska Eye Clinic

Nebraska Eye Clinic Releases Statement Regarding Ransomware Infection Eye Physicians, P.C., located in Columbus, Nebraska was the victim of a ransomware attack in October.  The ransomware variant infiltrated the facilities systems, encrypting files on some of its servers.  Eye Physicians, P.C. was able to restore all encrypted files with their backup files.  The organization made […]

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Colorado Medical Practice Suffers Ransomware and Potential Breach

Longs Peak Family Practice in Colorado Suffers Cyber Attacks Longs Peak Family Practice in Longmont, Colorado suffered a ransomware attack in early November.  According to their public statement, the facility did not pay the ransom.  Instead they were able to remediate the encrypted files using backups.  A few days after the ransomware attack, the IT […]

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More Ransomware Infections Disclosed to the Public

The Malicious Software that Doesn’t Slow Down… Ransomware recently took down the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s website.  The infection was reported earlier this month, and it took 11 days for the website to be restored.  The ransomware variant and ransom demands were not released.  However, officials reported they were able to restore systems using their […]

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2017 Comes to a Close, But Ransomware is Still Booming

New Ransomware Attacks Target Schools and Public Municipalities In the last week, two school districts have released statements confirming ransomware infections throughout their systems.  The first, Proctor School District, located in Duluth, Minnesota, reported the infection impacted middle school and high school computers that were left on over the weekend.  The ransomware variant that infiltrated […]

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Why Ransomware is Targeting Education Sector

The Education Sector has Major Target on Their Backs… Ransomware has been targeting educational institutions over the last twelve months.  In January of 2017, the Los Angeles Community College District was hit with ransomware, and paid the hackers $28,000 to decrypt their files.  Months later, Dorchester School District Two was infected with ransomware, and paid $2,900 to […]

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16k Patient Files Corrupted After New Jersey Medical Center Hit With Ransomware

Ransomware Took Out New Jersey Medical Facilities Files In September, ransomware corrupted the Hackensack Sleep and Pulmonary Center’s systems.  The ransomware variant that infiltrated the system was not released, nor was the ransom demand.  However, according to Healthcare IT News, the medical center had prepared for cyber attacks and were able to effectively restore their systems […]

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