5th Largest County in Michigan Corrupted by Ransomware´╗┐

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Earlier this week the empire state’s capital, Albany, was paralyzed by ransomware.  Now, just days later, the fifth largest county in Michigan, Genesee county, suffered a ransomware attack.  Very few details are being released at this time, as the cyber attack is still quite fresh.  However, here is what we do know — County officials […]

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New York’s State Capital Falls Victim to Ransomware

Another Public Municipality Has Fallen Victim to Ransomware – This Time, the City of Albany An unknown ransomware variant infected the city offices of New York’s state capital, the City of Albany.  Although, employees were still expected to arrive to work Monday morning, city offices did not open until 12 p.m. EST.  The city’s IT […]

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Ransomware Attack Hits Three U.S. Colleges, Demanding Payment from Students

Cyber Criminals Target U.S. Colleges, Then Demand $3,800 Payment from Each Impacted Student An unknown ransomware variant recently hit three U.S. colleges in the Midwest and East Coast. The three targeted colleges include Oberlin College of Ohio, Grinnell College of Iowa, and New York’s Hamilton College. An investigation confirmed cyber criminals were able to access […]

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Georgia County Offices Impacted After Ransomware Corrupted Its Network


Another Cyber Attack Targets Georgia Update 3/11/2019: The County hired a third-party cyber security consultant to help determine the best route to restore their networks. After investigation, it was determined, the consultant would negotiate a payment with the hackers, in an attempt to regain access to the encrypted files. Reports have confirmed, Jackson County has […]

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Park Rapids Schools Works to Restore Servers After Ransomware Attack

Park Rapids School Uses Backup Files After Ransomware Infected Servers On February 25, 2019, Park Rapids Public Schools, located in Minnesota, became infected with an unknown ransomware variant. According to school officials, the malicious software remained isolated to the servers and didn’t impact any other connected devices. Approximately one week after the initial infection, the […]

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Another Ransomware Attack Leaves Connecticut Town in Shambles

Update, 3/6/2019: A public records request has been submitted in an attempt to gather additional information regarding this ransomware attack. Town officials responded confirming a ransom demand has not been paid. However, to date, they have yet to enhance or change their security solution vendor. The town of Colchester, Connecticut has been hit with ransomware, […]

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Payroll Firm Gives in to Ransom Demands in an Attempt to Restore Systems

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Payroll Management Services Severed After Ransomware Corrupts Systems On February 19, 2019 an unknown ransomware variant infected the payroll firm, APEX Human Capital Management. This infection left their primary and backup networks entirely corrupted, rendering not only their services useless, but also impacting the firm’s 350+ clients. The initial hope was for services to be […]

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Mario Brothers Ditch Banana Peels and Goes Straight for Ransomware

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Graphics Package Paired with Ransomware? Hackers recently exploited the Mario Brothers graphics package, riddling the images with GandCrab ransomware.  The hackers took significant time trying to hide their malicious intentions, by hiding the commands in the color channels of the images.  By doing so, it makes it difficult for the firewall to detect the threat.  In […]

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Hackers Demand Millions from MSP After Infecting Networks with Ransomware

MSP Falls Victim to Ransomware, Infecting Thousands of Customer Networks An unknown hacking group recently targeted a U.S. managed service provider (MSP) with ransomware.  This led to thousands of their customers getting infected with malicious software, totaling approximately 2,000 different networks.  After the ransomware executed, hackers demanded over $2 million to restore the encrypted files.  […]

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2018 Ransomware Attack Left Over 23k Patient Files Compromised

Connecticut Eye Clinic Informed 23,000 Patients of Potential Breach A private optometry clinic, Dr. Thomas DeLuca, Dr. Anthony Marciano & Associates, began notifying thousands of patients that their data may have been potentially breached due to a ransomware attack that occurred in November 2018. The ransomware variant that successfully infected 25 computers and two servers, […]

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Medical Facility Permanently Loses Patient Records Due to Cyber Attack

Florida Medical Facility Suffers Cyber Attack FABEN Obstetrics and Gynecology of Jacksonville, Florida, was the victim of a ransomware attack in November of 2018.  The ransomware variant, GandCrab, infected a server, encrypting patient files from January 2007 to April 2017.  The attack was executed through a malvertising campaign that targeted Adobe Flash or Windows VBScripting engine […]

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Cyber Attack Forces Akron to Take Down City Resource Number

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The city of Akron, Ohio has been identified as the latest victim of a cyber attack… An unknown ransomware variant infected the city’s networks, targeting key hardware and software systems on January 22, 2018.  In an attempt to mitigate the spread of the malicious software, the city took systems offline — including their 311 information number.  […]

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Police Department Held Hostage by Cyber Criminals

Maryland Police Department Suffers Cyber Attack On January 9, 2019, Salisbury Police officials noticed something wasn’t right with their computer systems when they were unable to access data from the day before.  It didn’t take long for the IT department to realize the cyber attack, was indeed ransomware and took systems offline to avoid further […]

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Ransomware Attack Sends City into State of Emergency

Update: 1/28/2019 – All city credit cards have been canceled as a precautionary measure.  In an attempt to recover encrypted files, the City has contracted third-party security services.  At this time, it remains unknown if city officials will approve payment of the ransom demands to expedite the recovery process.   An unknown ransomware variant took down […]

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Ransomware Pushes Systems Offline for Texan Town

Texan Town Suffers Ransomware Attack The City of Del Rio, Texas was infected with ransomware on January 10, 2018.  This cyber attack led to servers at City Hall being disabled and all city departments losing internet access.  This left employees unable to log into the systems, meaning all electronic services were at a standstill.  Fortunately, city employees […]

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First Ransomware Attack of 2019 Hit Connecticut Schools

Ransomware Takes Down Connecticut School in 2019’s First Attack… On January 4, 2019, ransomware hit Bridgeport Public Schools in Connecticut, making it the first publicly known ransomware attack of the new year.  The exact ransomware variant is unknown, as is the ransom demand.  It’s also unclear if the school decided to pay the hacker’s demands, […]

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Ransomware Infection Went Beyond Corrupting Patient Files

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Ransomware Infection Encrypted and Altered Medical Files An unknown ransomware variant recently infiltrated the Podiatric Offices of Bobby Yee, located in Salinas, California.  Unlike traditional ransomware infections, hackers took the cyber attack to further extremes by not only encrypting files but also potentially altering them.  Some of the altered data included patient names, social security numbers, […]

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