Got Apple Quicktime installed on your computer? Uninstall it immediately, says Department of Homeland Security

A recent report from TrendMicro/ZDI stated that Apple has ceased development of Apple Quicktime, and has also revealed two critical vulnerabilities under their Zero Day Initiative. These two vulnerabilities are considered “remote code execution” vulnerabilities, which means a miscreant could get the victim to click on a link or visit a website, and can remotely […]

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Actors behind Dridex launch another spam campaign, delivering Locky Ransomware

Recent reports have indicated that the actors behind Dridex, originally a banking Trojan distributor, have switched tactics, and are now heavily pushing out a new ransomware called Locky. The current method of distribution is via a spam email, which contains a Word document. Additional reports have stated that it is being distributed via the Neutrino […]

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Lenovo Expands Recall Over Battery Dangers

Lenovo Expands Recall Over Battery Dangers PC makers Lenovo has announced an expansion of a laptop recall that began in 2014 – due to dangers related to issues of overheating. Lenovo received four reports of incidents where battery packs overheated, damaging computers and property. In one incident, a consumer’s skin was “reddened,” and burn marks […]

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