My Absolute All Time Favorite FREE Software

My favorite FREE software has been the same for 10 years running. I’m talking about the FREE OVERDRIVE SCAN from PC Pitstop. I’ve been using this for the entire time that I’ve had computers and still use it to this day. When it comes to diagnostics, it is absolutely the best.

My very first computer was tested and tweaked with what was called The Free Pit Test. In 2000 we would compete to see who could get the best scores. We eventually graduated to other benchmarks from the likes of PassMark and FutureMark, but in the beginning THE PIT TEST was the bomb.

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Why buy a piece of software when other developers make similar software for free? We’re living in a world where altruistic developers make software for the sake of progressing technology, and we should learn to support these people who attempt to help us save some cash while using a program that can easily cater to our needs. Instead of shelling out cash or resorting to pirating, you can download free alternatives to every application you use, some of which are even open source. Let’s look at the list!

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Dave’s Computer Tips: 100 Portable Windows Utilities in 1

I received an email message the other day, nothing unusual about that, except this one emanated from a leading tech site and had been forwarded on to me by Dave. The email posed an intriguing question… what is your favorite freeware application or tool?

My initial reaction was along the lines of… good grief, how could anyone possibly pick just one out of so many excellent and viable free offerings – this was not going to be easy. I pondered the proposition over the next couple of days, hunting through all the freeware on my PC in the hope that a likely candidate might jump out and hit me between the eyes. Then, after further consideration, I realized that what I was searching for actually required several key elements:

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