Windows Talk: Tablets and Laptops to watch in 2012

tablets and laptops to watch in 2012

While 2011 was the year when touchscreen tablet computers finally exploded onto the scene, 2012 will be the year when tablets and laptops go head to head for the hearts of consumers. Already, much talk and practice has been had with tablets as a business tool to replace laptops while the normal consumer like a student or a family may easily consider a tablet before a laptop. The following tablets and laptops will be the models to watch in 2012 as they may be the final straw to tip the scales or at least offer users a good time trying it out.

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Windows Talk: Top 5 Types of Online Scams that Everyone Should Know

top 5 types of online scams

With the growing numbers of internet users today, online scams have become more and more popular among internet attackers to earn some income. It does not have to be technical such as infecting the victim with Trojan or tricking them with phishing website. It can be as simple as just a piece of email and here are 5 types of Online Scams that everyone should know.

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Windows Talk: Backup your Wireless Network Settings in Windows 7

It is extremely easy to backup your Windows 7 wireless network settings, to save for the just in case times. Even know setting up a wireless network in Windows 7 is very easy, there are still things like a security key that you have to remember and typing manually. Therefore I like to save my wireless network settings and import them back in whenever I need them.

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Windows Talk: 3 Online Backup Websites You Should Know About


In recent years, computer backup and disaster recovery services have become increasingly important as more and more business owners rely on computers for running their companies. For the home users, things like family photos, videos, and music as well as documents are sometimes irreplaceable. Online data backup is easy secure backups and is like having an insurance that protects your data against viruses, theft, or accidental deletions.

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Windows Talk: Scanner And Printer Maintenance


Scanner and printer computer maintenance can be among the most annoying of all computer maintenance tasks. Not only do you often need to get your hands dirty, but each different device requires different computer maintenance. The first step is to make sure your scanner printer is installed correctly. After that, it is now time to see a few simple things you can do to make your life easier.

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