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Pneumatic Tubes

“Before a virus can be removed from your system, it must be found, identified, and added to each antivirus companies definitions list. Only then can your antivirus detect infections.” Until your antivirus products adds an infection to their list, you are helpless to remove it. Because of this we developed SuperShield. SuperShield stops all executable files (.exe) from running on your system unless you add them to your “safe” list.


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Pushers Foisting on Every Corner

Foistware– I know you’re familiar with it. Most of the time it is served up as a small check box that is already checked. The purveyors of this crap are hoping you click so fast that you don’t notice their presumptuous check mark . Sure it’s legal, but it’s irritating, it’s a pain, it’s annoying. It’s just one more example of someone trying to force things on us that we don’t want. Like ordering a cheeseburger and getting a fish sandwich.

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My Absolute All Time Favorite FREE Software

My favorite FREE software has been the same for 10 years running. I’m talking about the FREE OVERDRIVE SCAN from PC Pitstop. I’ve been using this for the entire time that I’ve had computers and still use it to this day. When it comes to diagnostics, it is absolutely the best.

My very first computer was tested and tweaked with what was called The Free Pit Test. In 2000 we would compete to see who could get the best scores. We eventually graduated to other benchmarks from the likes of PassMark and FutureMark, but in the beginning THE PIT TEST was the bomb.

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3 Ways to Get Trapped by Malware

Surviving a day of computing is tougher than a chinchilla trying to live in Central Park. The bad guys sets traps at every crossing and your email and Internet are their favorite paths. Don’t for a minute, think you are safe without first taking a close look at what you click. Today more than ever before, you should be wary of everything you encounter. The figures vary depending on who you’re quoting but I’m comfortable with sayng that at this moment 50% of the computers in the US are infected with some form of malware.Save your skin. Look before you click.

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Microsoft is the Bad Guy?

You buy a PC. There is crapware all over it. Unwanted trial programs slow your brand new system to a crawl. We’re talking about the programs installed by the OEMs, you know, HP, Sony, Dell, those guys. The programs we’re talking about are the trial office and antivirus, games and photo albums. You name it and it’s there. You don’t need it and you shouldn’t want it.

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What About Tomorrow

Wax seals and goose quills were all the rage. They were soon replaced by fountain pens and ballpoints. Then we had mice and keyboards. Now it’s touch, voice, and even gestures.

Are you ready to see a penny at 100 yards, hear a whisper at 50 yards and have all the information on the internet available without any external devices? Well, if not, then get ready because it’s on its way.

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A Lean Mean Windows 8 Machine

The popularity of tablets, and netbooks is pushing Microsoft to lower the memory needed to operate the newest Windows. Longer battery life and reduced background services are replacing the muscle computers of yesterday. Windows 8 is going to take Microsoft into the new age, but what about the faithful desktop user? Will they come along?

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Windows 8 – Big Change

The new Windows8 may be nothing more than an application on your next computer. The future sees you using a browser based, application intensive, system that may not even require you to load Windows. The future is looking bright and different, Windows, the operating system that put personal computing on the map and kept it there is changing and you’re going to see it happen.

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5 Computing Mistakes

Everyday I hear from people who are having computer problems. One of the first things I do is have them run a PC Pitstop OverDrive scan and send me the results. It’s free and it’s the best diagnostic around. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years and I’ve seen hundreds and maybe even thousands of systems and talked with their owners. After a while you see the same problems and hear the same answers.

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Mango vs. Apple iOS

For anyone who is a Microsoft fan, the past few months have been anything but exciting on the mobile phone front. The last release of Windows for phones was a big bust that left everyone feeling flat. Finally that is all going to change. Microsoft has announced the release of their new mobile OS, WP7 Mango and talked up the wonderful newness of it all to partners at the Worldwide Partner Conference. This final release to manufactures (RTM) should allow builders to deliver real phones to some markets as early as August and September.

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ISPionage and CyberBreak Ins

Remember a time when you were safe in your home, when you could talk to your family about important matters and feel safe? Remember when you wrote “CONFIDENTIAL” on the outside of an envelope and it meant something? Those days are gone and what’s worse, seem almost laughable. Bye bye privacy, it was good while it lasted.

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Microsoft Alert – Huge Phone Scam

What’s the weakest link in your security? You are! When you’re phone rings don’t believe anything you hear. That Microsoft employee your talking to could be eating sardines and swigging vodka while empties your bank account. This is big, very big. If you live in the US you have a one in seven chance of being contacted. Don’t be caught wondering what happened. Exercise the one precaution that can save your money.

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Ask The Pros

Keep in mind that the biggest threat to your system is you. If you click OK and allow every request without scrutiny then your chances of infection increase drastically. I suggest everyone use a router even if you have only one computer. I wouldn’t be without one.

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Ask The Pros


By Steve Hogan

You can access Windows System Restore right here from the same System Properties. Click on the System Protection tab/ System Restore /Restore Files and Settings/Next/Pick a Date and follow the prompts. This is also the same area to create a new restore point or to reduce the amount of space alloted to system restore or even turn off System Restore.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with this area and you will feel much more confident in your ability to use your computer.

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Department of Justice and FBI Take Down Huge Coreflood Botnet

Score one for the good guys this week as the The FBI and US Department of Justice unleash a powerful and quick take down of the “Coreflood” botnet.

Coreflood was a massive international network of more than two million infected computers; computers that were used to empty bank accounts, score sensitive corporate data and steal untold financial data. This is a huge victory as this particular botnet has been in operation for 10 years.

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Customer Service

This past year I decided I needed to get out and get some fresh air. I had already tried golf and that was a disaster. I also decided there was no way I was going to stuff 222 lbs into a pair of flimsy nylon sport shorts, so running was out of the question. I thought about kayaking but since I live in S.W. Florida that seemed kinda like sticking a 200+ lb. meat pie in front of America’s deadliest predator, the alligator.

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Crisis in Japan – Help List

All of us are focused on the horrible tragedy unfolding in Japan as a result of the recent 9.0 earth quake and crushing tsunami. Descriptions fall short. We feel the sadness and try to deal with these feelings as we watch the Japanese people struggle through this time. Although we are removed, being human in combination with todays technology, insures that we are emotionally involved.

Check on curent weather conditions, make donations, find missing friends and family.

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PC Matic Community Chat

PC Matic just keeps getting better. PC Matic now has Chat to provide users with a feature rich chat experience not found in other programs.

It won’t end here. Behind the scenes we’re working at a feverish pace to provide you the absolute best software on the market.

When you buy PC Matic you are getting inovations and features found no where else.

Wait till you see what’s next!

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The Internet is Crumbling

Chicken Little and The Internet

Chicken Little was walking down the path to another regular day when PLOP something hit him on the head. “Woah, what the heck was that”, said Chicken Little. He looked on the ground and saw…nothing. He looked in the air and saw… clouds. “Oh No”, cried Chicken Little, “the clouds are falling, the clouds are falling”.

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IE9 RC-Release Candidate

On February 10th, 2011, Microsoft launched the IE9 Release Candidate. This release does not come without bugs however. Be sure you’re ready for some unexpected error messages if you use this version. Will Microsof get it right? Yes. Is it right now? No, that’s why it’s only a release candidate.

Hold your clicker and wait till it’s official.

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