IT Professionals Remain Unarmed Against Insider Threats

IT Pros Lack Ability to Adequately Detect and Respond to Insider Attacks A recent survey completed by Bitglass, a cloud access security brokering company, confirmed insider attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent.  Of the IT professionals surveyed, over half confirmed their organization had experienced an insider attack during the past year.  Even with the increase in […]

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Aite Group Tests Financial Banking Apps – The Results Are Alarming

Third-Party Tested Several Android Banking Apps, Proving Just How Vulnerable They Are A report prepared by the advisory firm, Aite Group for Arxan, confirms financial mobile apps are full of vulnerabilities.  According to their findings these gaps stem from a lack of security controls and insecure coding within the apps themselves.  Although the results are […]

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New York’s State Capital Falls Victim to Ransomware

Another Public Municipality Has Fallen Victim to Ransomware – This Time, the City of Albany An unknown ransomware variant infected the city offices of New York’s state capital, the City of Albany.  Although, employees were still expected to arrive to work Monday morning, city offices did not open until 12 p.m. EST.  The city’s IT […]

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New Ransomware Variant Deletes Duplicate Files


vxCrypter Removes Duplicate Files to Increase Encryption Speed A newly discovered ransomware variant, called vxCrypter, is going beyond the standard encryption included in all ransomware variants, and monitors hashes to ensure duplicate files are removed from the endpoint.  BleepingComputer’s Lawrence Abrams, confirmed he discovered vxCrypter, and reported it is still under development.  Based on his […]

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PC Matic Pro Featured in CRN’s 2019 Partner Program Guide

PC Matic Shield

Annual Guide Recognizes the IT Channel’s Top Partner Programs Sioux City, Iowa, April 1, 2019 – PC Matic Pro, America’s Antivirus, announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has given PC Matic Pro a 5-Star rating in its 2019 Partner Program Guide. This annual guide identifies the strongest and most successful partner […]

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Cryptocurrency Exchange DragonEx Suffers Security Breach

Those who are familiar with cryptocurrencies, understand how bad this is. For those who aren’t, here is a brief overview. Unlike traditional forms of currency, cryptocurrency is not tangible, is not protected by the FDIC, and in reality, is only as secure as where it is stored. This means, if the storage is compromised, so […]

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Responding to the Computer Skeptic

PC Matic Shield

It has been brought to PC Pitstop’s attention, the Courier Journal published an opinion piece regarding PC Matic – written by self-proclaimed “computer techie”, Jim Fisher. Unfortunately, the article was littered with misinformation about PC Pitstop, PC Matic and even personal attacks against the company’s CEO, Rob Cheng. Moreover, there is no indication that Mr. […]

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Malware Worms Past Google Play Store’s Controls — Again

Like other app stores, Android’s Google Play Store attempts to mitigate the risk of malware exposure within their approved apps. Unfortunately, malware authors are finding ways to worm their way past these controls. Most recently, cyber criminals developed an ad-serving platform which was included in approximately 200 different Android apps, likely without the knowledge of […]

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Ransomware Attack Hits Three U.S. Colleges, Demanding Payment from Students

Cyber Criminals Target U.S. Colleges, Then Demand $3,800 Payment from Each Impacted Student An unknown ransomware variant recently hit three U.S. colleges in the Midwest and East Coast. The three targeted colleges include Oberlin College of Ohio, Grinnell College of Iowa, and New York’s Hamilton College. An investigation confirmed cyber criminals were able to access […]

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A Major Message of RSA

According to one of the world’s largest cyber security conferences, RSA, there is no way to reliably stop future cyber attacks. This sounds rather dismal. Yet, depending on the security approach being deployed, it may be entirely accurate. In order to effectively stop future cyber attacks, there are proactive approaches businesses of all shapes and […]

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Google Advises Windows 7 Users to Update Their Systems ASAP

Chrome Users Exposed to Two Zero-Day Attacks, One of Which Remains Unresolved for Windows 7 Users It should be no secret that Microsoft will be ending their support for the Windows 7 operating system in January of 2020. However, due to the recent exploitation of two zero-day vulnerabilities within the Chrome browser, one of which […]

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Georgia County Offices Impacted After Ransomware Corrupted Its Network


Another Cyber Attack Targets Georgia Update 3/11/2019: The County hired a third-party cyber security consultant to help determine the best route to restore their networks. After investigation, it was determined, the consultant would negotiate a payment with the hackers, in an attempt to regain access to the encrypted files. Reports have confirmed, Jackson County has […]

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Park Rapids Schools Works to Restore Servers After Ransomware Attack

Park Rapids School Uses Backup Files After Ransomware Infected Servers On February 25, 2019, Park Rapids Public Schools, located in Minnesota, became infected with an unknown ransomware variant. According to school officials, the malicious software remained isolated to the servers and didn’t impact any other connected devices. Approximately one week after the initial infection, the […]

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Cyber Defense Magazine Names PC Pitstop, Makers of PC Matic Pro, Editor’s Choice in Anti-Malware Solutions

Protect you PC

Sioux City, Iowa, March 4, 2019 – PC Pitstop, the leader in preventative malware detection, announced today that Cyber Defense Magazine, the industry’s leading electronic information security publication, has named PC Matic Pro the Editor’s Choice Anti-Malware in its 2019 Infosec Awards.  CDM has spent the past six months scouring the globe and found nearly 3,000 companies […]

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Another Ransomware Attack Leaves Connecticut Town in Shambles

Update, 3/6/2019: A public records request has been submitted in an attempt to gather additional information regarding this ransomware attack. Town officials responded confirming a ransom demand has not been paid. However, to date, they have yet to enhance or change their security solution vendor. The town of Colchester, Connecticut has been hit with ransomware, […]

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