Responding to the Computer Skeptic

PC Matic Shield

It has been brought to PC Pitstop’s attention, the Courier Journal published an opinion piece regarding PC Matic – written by self-proclaimed “computer techie”, Jim Fisher. Unfortunately, the article was littered with misinformation about PC Pitstop, PC Matic and even personal attacks against the company’s CEO, Rob Cheng. Moreover, there is no indication that Mr. […]

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Malware Worms Past Google Play Store’s Controls — Again

Like other app stores, Android’s Google Play Store attempts to mitigate the risk of malware exposure within their approved apps. Unfortunately, malware authors are finding ways to worm their way past these controls. Most recently, cyber criminals developed an ad-serving platform which was included in approximately 200 different Android apps, likely without the knowledge of […]

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Ransomware Attack Hits Three U.S. Colleges, Demanding Payment from Students

Cyber Criminals Target U.S. Colleges, Then Demand $3,800 Payment from Each Impacted Student An unknown ransomware variant recently hit three U.S. colleges in the Midwest and East Coast. The three targeted colleges include Oberlin College of Ohio, Grinnell College of Iowa, and New York’s Hamilton College. An investigation confirmed cyber criminals were able to access […]

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A Major Message of RSA

According to one of the world’s largest cyber security conferences, RSA, there is no way to reliably stop future cyber attacks. This sounds rather dismal. Yet, depending on the security approach being deployed, it may be entirely accurate. In order to effectively stop future cyber attacks, there are proactive approaches businesses of all shapes and […]

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Google Advises Windows 7 Users to Update Their Systems ASAP

Chrome Users Exposed to Two Zero-Day Attacks, One of Which Remains Unresolved for Windows 7 Users It should be no secret that Microsoft will be ending their support for the Windows 7 operating system in January of 2020. However, due to the recent exploitation of two zero-day vulnerabilities within the Chrome browser, one of which […]

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Georgia County Offices Impacted After Ransomware Corrupted Its Network


Another Cyber Attack Targets Georgia Update 3/11/2019: The County hired a third-party cyber security consultant to help determine the best route to restore their networks. After investigation, it was determined, the consultant would negotiate a payment with the hackers, in an attempt to regain access to the encrypted files. Reports have confirmed, Jackson County has […]

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Park Rapids Schools Works to Restore Servers After Ransomware Attack

Park Rapids School Uses Backup Files After Ransomware Infected Servers On February 25, 2019, Park Rapids Public Schools, located in Minnesota, became infected with an unknown ransomware variant. According to school officials, the malicious software remained isolated to the servers and didn’t impact any other connected devices. Approximately one week after the initial infection, the […]

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Cyber Defense Magazine Names PC Pitstop, Makers of PC Matic Pro, Editor’s Choice in Anti-Malware Solutions´╗┐

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Sioux City, Iowa, March 4, 2019 – PC Pitstop, the leader in preventative malware detection, announced today that Cyber Defense Magazine, the industry’s leading electronic information security publication, has named PC Matic Pro the Editor’s Choice Anti-Malware in its 2019 Infosec Awards.  CDM has spent the past six months scouring the globe and found nearly 3,000 companies […]

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Another Ransomware Attack Leaves Connecticut Town in Shambles

Update, 3/6/2019: A public records request has been submitted in an attempt to gather additional information regarding this ransomware attack. Town officials responded confirming a ransom demand has not been paid. However, to date, they have yet to enhance or change their security solution vendor. The town of Colchester, Connecticut has been hit with ransomware, […]

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Top 5 Reasons Your Employees Struggle with Cyber Security

They say you’re only as strong as your weakest link. This couldn’t be any more accurate when it comes to the strength of an organization’s cyber security. Even if there are knowledgeable IT professionals within the organization, and most employees are trained in cyber security risks — it only takes one. One person to click […]

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19 Year Old WinRAR Vulnerability Exploited Around the Globe

WinRAR, a popular file utility tool, has been found to have a 19 year-old vulnerability. Fortunately, WinRAR developers were able to remediate the problem shortly after the information went public. However, that’s not to say the issue has been entirely resolved. In order to receive the patch, users must update the software program. If users […]

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Tennessee College Network Corrupted After Malware Attack

College Networks and Devices Remain Inaccessible After Emotet Malware Riddles Systems Classes have resumed this week after malware corrupted a Tennesee college network and devices last week. Columbia State Community College initially was infected with Emotet malware on February 13th when an employee opened an infected email. Initial thoughts were the malware was successfully contained. […]

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57% of Malware Attacks Can’t Be Stopped By Traditional AV Solutions

Most Security Solutions Fail to Protect Against a Majority of Malware Attacks A recent study found 57% of malware attacks were being spread through fileless scripting agents, like PowerShell. This generates a major problem for organizations that rely on traditional antivirus solutions to thwart malware attacks. Most security solutions only scan the executable files for […]

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New Ransomware Proves No Operating System is Invincible

Linux Servers Targeted by Latest Ransomware Variant Often times tech users fall into a common misconception, that one operating system is more secure than another. For instance, Windows is often perceived as less secure than Macintosh, or even Linux. Why? Because many cyber security threats, including ransomware, target Windows operating systems. Why? Because they have […]

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Payroll Firm Gives in to Ransom Demands in an Attempt to Restore Systems

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Payroll Management Services Severed After Ransomware Corrupts Systems On February 19, 2019 an unknown ransomware variant infected the payroll firm, APEX Human Capital Management. This infection left their primary and backup networks entirely corrupted, rendering not only their services useless, but also impacting the firm’s 350+ clients. The initial hope was for services to be […]

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4 Critical Steps SMBs Must Take to Boost Cyber Security

Cyber security is a growing topic, whether it is at home with friends or family, or at work with the boss or colleagues. Online threats have continued to advance year-over-year with cyber crime costs consistently increasing. With the growing risks, it is important small and medium businesses (SMBs) understand the key steps they need to […]

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