Another Scam Emerges, This Time Via Text Messaging

Another Way to Exploit People to Turn a Quick Profit, Does It Ever End? Hackers have used several different platforms to share their scams.  These have ranged from fraudulent “tech support” websites, malicious social media posts, and scam phone calls.  In addition, there have been tax scams spread through phone calls, or fake emails.  The […]

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Rob Cheng, CEO of PC Matic, Recognized as 2019 CRN® Channel Chief

PC Matic Pro

Sioux City, Iowa, February 11, 2019 – PC Matic, America’s Antivirus, announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named Rob Cheng, CEO, to its prestigious list of 2019 Channel Chiefs. The top IT channel leaders included on this list continually strive to drive growth and revenue in their organization through their channel partners. […]

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Mario Brothers Ditch Banana Peels and Goes Straight for Ransomware

Graphics Package Paired with Ransomware? Hackers recently exploited the Mario Brothers graphics package, riddling the images with GandCrab ransomware.  The hackers took significant time trying to hide their malicious intentions, by hiding the commands in the color channels of the images.  By doing so, it makes it difficult for the firewall to detect the threat.  In […]

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Hackers Demand Millions from MSP After Infecting Networks with Ransomware

MSP Falls Victim to Ransomware, Infecting Thousands of Customer Networks An unknown hacking group recently targeted a U.S. managed service provider (MSP) with ransomware.  This led to thousands of their customers getting infected with malicious software, totaling approximately 2,000 different networks.  After the ransomware executed, hackers demanded over $2 million to restore the encrypted files.  […]

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2018 Ransomware Attack Left Over 23k Patient Files Compromised

Connecticut Eye Clinic Informed 23,000 Patients of Potential Breach A private optometry clinic, Dr. Thomas DeLuca, Dr. Anthony Marciano & Associates, began notifying thousands of patients that their data may have been potentially breached due to a ransomware attack that occurred in November 2018. The ransomware variant that successfully infected 25 computers and two servers, […]

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PC Matic Pro Named Ransomware Prevention Winner in Info Security PG’s 2019 Global Excellence Awards®

PC Matic Pro

Sioux City, Iowa – February 5, 2019 – PC Pitstop announced today that Info Security Products Guide, the industry’s leading information security research and advisory guide, has named PC Matic Pro, a winner in the 15th Annual 2019 Info Security PG’s Global Excellence Awards® in Ransomware Prevention. These prestigious global awards recognize cybersecurity and information […]

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PC Pitstop Welcomes Connections with Potential Investors

PC Pitstop, the Makers of PC Matic, Open to Investor Opportunities PC Pitstop, a privately held, American anti-virus software firm, would like to develop relationships with the investment community now in anticipation of a future outside investment, said CEO Rob Cheng. He founded Sioux City, Iowa-based PC Pitstop in 1999 and owns 90% of the business, after giving […]

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Medical Facility Permanently Loses Patient Records Due to Cyber Attack

Florida Medical Facility Suffers Cyber Attack FABEN Obstetrics and Gynecology of Jacksonville, Florida, was the victim of a ransomware attack in November of 2018.  The ransomware variant, GandCrab, infected a server, encrypting patient files from January 2007 to April 2017.  The attack was executed through a malvertising campaign that targeted Adobe Flash or Windows VBScripting engine […]

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The Next Global Ransomware Attack Isn’t Exactly New News

You may have read about it already — the next global ransomware attack is projected to cost almost two billion dollars.  There are also reports claiming this attack will likely exploit cyber-weapons from the U.S. government.  Both of these claims are frightening and generating public concern.  It is because of this concern, I decided to […]

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Millions of PCs Left Exposed As Users Fail to Update Popular Programs

Users Fail to Update Major Programs, Leaving Networks and Endpoints Exposed According to The Cyber Security Hub, millions of computers are running outdated versions of multiple popular software programs.  This is highly concerning from a cyber security standpoint, as updates are used to patch known security holes.  If these holes are left unpatched, hackers know exactly […]

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AV-Test Confirms, PC Matic Out Performs Other AV Solutions

Out Performing Industry Standards PC Matic‘s SuperShield outperformed industry standards, blocking 100% of the real-world threats including zero-day attacks and intrusive web and email threats, in the latest round of testing by independent third-party testing authority, AV-Test.  In addition, PC Matic blocked 100% of prevalent malware found in the previous four weeks of testing. Compared […]

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Cyber Attack Forces Akron to Take Down City Resource Number

The city of Akron, Ohio has been identified as the latest victim of a cyber attack… An unknown ransomware variant infected the city’s networks, targeting key hardware and software systems on January 22, 2018.  In an attempt to mitigate the spread of the malicious software, the city took systems offline — including their 311 information number.  […]

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Scammers Portraying Security Companies Offer Major Refunds

An Old Scam Gains More Traction… Almost a year ago, we broke news on a scam hackers were running offering refunds for companies that were “going out of business”.  In reality, none of these companies were really shutting down.  Instead, hackers were using this as an excuse to gain the personal banking information of victims, […]

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Police Department Held Hostage by Cyber Criminals

Maryland Police Department Suffers Cyber Attack On January 9, 2019, Salisbury Police officials noticed something wasn’t right with their computer systems when they were unable to access data from the day before.  It didn’t take long for the IT department to realize the cyber attack, was indeed ransomware and took systems offline to avoid further […]

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Healthcare Industry Confirmed as a Top Targeted Sector by Cyber Criminals

Healthcare is the Second-Most Targeted Industry A recent study confirmed the healthcare industry is one of the top targeted sectors for cyber attacks.  In fact, approximately 39% of healthcare facilities reported being under attack on a weekly basis.  Not only could these malicious attacks impede with the facility’s ability to conduct daily operations, but those daily […]

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Ransomware Attack Sends City into State of Emergency

Update: 1/28/2019 – All city credit cards have been canceled as a precautionary measure.  In an attempt to recover encrypted files, the City has contracted third-party security services.  At this time, it remains unknown if city officials will approve payment of the ransom demands to expedite the recovery process.   An unknown ransomware variant took down […]

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PC Matic Partners with One of Fastest Growing Woman-Owned Companies in the U.S.

PC Matic Pro

PC Matic Pro Partnerships Continue to Grow with Solvix Solutions PC Matic Pro has continued to expand their partner-base, making its advanced security solution available to more entities than before.  A recent partnership with Solvix Solutions, LLC enables PC Matic Pro to be used in both the private sector, as well as government agencies.  By adding […]

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All Whitelisting Solutions Are Not Created Equal

Whitelisting is Effective, but Automating is a Must… With cyber security threats growing, businesses must take a proactive approach to their data and device security.  According to SC Magazine, there is one methodology that has been proven to be effective in blocking modern cyber threats, including ransomware. “According to numerous resources on ransomware, one strong and […]

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Microsoft Will End Support for Windows 7 in 2020

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft has released plans to end support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. What Does this Mean? The end of life (EOL) of Windows 7 means Microsoft will no longer provide any security patches, software updates, or customer support to Windows 7 operating system (OS) users.  Fortunately, users have plenty of time to update […]

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Hackers Advance Malware to Avoid Google Play Store Detection

Hackers Find Loopholes to Infect Android Devices Hackers have been getting better and better at avoiding detection by traditional antivirus methods.  However, now in an attempt to infect mobile devices through the Google Play Store, cyber criminals have gone beyond their traditional means of avoidance. With traditional blacklist antivirus solutions, hackers just need to develop […]

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Latest Data Breach Exposes 2.7B Email and Password Combinations

Another Year, Another Breach — and this one is major… It’s January 18, 2019 — not even a full month into a new year, and a major data breach has been reported, exposing a total of 2.7 billion different email and password combinations.  The data set breached, deemed “Collection #1”, includes over 772 million email […]

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Government Shutdown May Lead to Increased Hacking Activity

With the U.S. government shutdown in its 25th day, additional repercussions have surfaced which may hinder the public’s cyber security. Due to the shutdown of the U.S. government, all nonessential government tasks are being foregone, including the renewal of TLS certificates.  TLS certificates are used by any website that communicates over an encrypted HTTPS connection.  This […]

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Latest Ransomware Strain Targets Victims With Deepest Pockets

Ryuk, the latest ransomware variant that has taken the world by storm, has been targeting victims that promise big paydays.  This is the same ransomware strain that hit Tribune Publishing in December of 2018, leaving the distribution of multiple major newspapers, like the L.A. Times and Chicago Tribune, at a standstill.  This is just one […]

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Ransomware Pushes Systems Offline for Texan Town

Texan Town Suffers Ransomware Attack The City of Del Rio, Texas was infected with ransomware on January 10, 2018.  This cyber attack led to servers at City Hall being disabled and all city departments losing internet access.  This left employees unable to log into the systems, meaning all electronic services were at a standstill.  Fortunately, city employees […]

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St. Vincent Pallotti High Focuses on Prevention with PC Matic Pro

PC Matic Pro

St. Vincent Pallotti High School, located in Laurel, Maryland is taking cyber security prevention seriously with the deployment of PC Matic Pro’s application whitelist technology.  Prior to the switch, the school was using Bitdefender, which used a traditional blacklist methodology to identify malware threats.  School officials began to understand, this level of protection was not […]

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