Why There’s Not a PC Matic Phone Number

How to Get PC Matic Support

Recently it has been brought to our attention there are several different companies and support organizations that are claiming to provide technical support for PC Matic.  These individuals are posting a fake PC Matic phone number, claiming to offer support.  Please know, PC Matic is in no way affiliated with these companies, nor can we confirm their legitimacy.  Legitimate PC Matic support is available through our online help desk from 8:00 a.m. to 1 a.m. EST.  In our 19+ years of business we have found online and email support to be the most effective and efficient for our consumers.

Does PC Matic support cost me anything?

Absolutely not!  Our trained technical support team is available seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. EST to help you with all of your support needs, free of charge!  If anyone claims to be from PC Matic, or is offering assistance for PC Matic, with a charge associated, they are not from PC Matic.  Often times, these are technical support scams.

6 Ways to Contact PC Matic

  1.  Online support can be accessed directly at www.pcmatic.com/help
  2. Direct support requests can be sent to pcmatic@pcpitstop.com
  3. A link to our support page can be found on www.pcpitstop.com as by clicking “Support” followed by “Customer Service” 
  4. A link to our support page can also be found on www.pcmatic.com/consumer/ as by clicking “Support” followed by “Customer Service”.
  5. Our support page can also be found within the PC Matic application.

6.   You can also submit a product question through our Forums.

How do I submit a request for assistance for my PC Matic software?

  1. Go to www.pcmatic.com/help, or access our support page via www.pcmatic.com or www.pcpitstop.com as described above.
  2. You will need to click on “Technical Support” then answer what kind of support you’re requesting.  
  3. You will then be prompted to answer questions based upon your assistance needs.
  4. If you have not found your question within the list of provided options, you may click on on “My Issue Is Not Here”, as seen below: 
  5. If you are still in need of technical assistance, you will have the option to create a help desk ticket, as seen here.  
  6. To submit the ticket, scroll down and click on “Submit Ticket”.
  7. Upon completion you will receive a help desk ticket number, with instructions to check your email for a confirmation email from csticket@pcpitstop.com.

To access the full PC Matic User Guide, click here.

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5 thoughts on “Why There’s Not a PC Matic Phone Number

  1. i am trying to join pcmatic andcannot find a phone number. i need to talk to someone to find out
    what program or service i need. i called a phone number that came up on my screen however
    it was not pcmatic and i turned off my computer and looked for you online and found you do not
    have a phone number. i think i have been infected by a virus.
    i had a mac and my family just bought me a samsung chrome notebook and i am a bit confused.
    i saw you on hannity and i need your help and protection. i am 88 years of age and still goning
    strong. help me. thank you

    tom pippett

    • Hi Tom, we do not currently offer phone support but you can check in with our support team for assistance at http://www.pcmatic.com/help! If you currently have a Chromebook then PC Matic wouldn’t be compatible with your device. Chromebooks do not need antivirus installed on them because the only thing that is allowed to run is the Chrome browser. If that alert virus ever locks down your Chromebook again, Google has a great page on how to quickly reset it so you’re back in business! https://support.google.com/chromebook/answer/6145788?hl=en

  2. Hi folks!
    I’ve got crossed up somehow, because i renewed my PC Pitstop last month and apparently it has landed in a corner somewhere and got lost. Sigh… I have had a world of trouble getting getting back in sync with you and I sure hope this helps me to get squared away with you!
    A month or two ago I signed up my wife to PC Pitstop and since she is still confused with the new computer we got for her, so I haven’t tried to do anymore with hers for now. So I’ll just settle to get signed up with you. Thanks again for all of your previous service.

    • Hi Jarvis,
      Thank you for reaching out to us. Please let our support team know if you’re in need of assistance — we would be happy to help! You may do so by reach out at http://www.pcmatic.com/help and submitting a help desk ticket there. We look forward to helping in any way we can!

  3. PC Matic is the best value for the money. I have used the support team frequently. They are always helpful and able to send me the step by step correction for my issue. I have never been charged for this great service.

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