Feature Improvement – Small Design Adjustments

Since the release of our new user interface we’ve been listening to your feedback and have made some adjustments to the options area. There are now labels for each icon to give you a quicker view of what each means, and we have shifted the options pane to a default of closed. This keeps the cleaner aesthetic that many requested when the options pane was always open.

We’re continuing to listen to your feedback as we add more features and adjust the PC Matic Pro and MSP consoles. Let us know what you think of the changes in the comments below, and stay tuned for those future enhancements.

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2 thoughts on “Feature Improvement – Small Design Adjustments

    • Glad to hear it Bill! In the future we’re hoping to make this a customizable setting for each user to choose the default open/close value. But for now, overwhelming feedback was to keep it closed! Let us know if you have any more feedback in the future!

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