How To: Undo Changes PC Matic Made

Undoing Changes Made by PC Matic

After a PC Matic runs a scan, there is an option users may select for the suggested updates and enhancements to be done automatically.  If this these changes are made automatically, and a user finds something they didn’t want updated, they have the option to “undo” these changes.

To do so, please follow this how-to tutorial to undo any changes made by PC Matic.  As you will see in the video, if the issues persist, the problem is likely stemming from a third-party source.  No worries though.  This video will show you how to do a system restore as well, which will address any ongoing issues users may be experiencing.

Hopefully, you will find this how-to tutorial helpful.  Also, check out all of our how-to videos here.

If you have suggestions for other tutorials you’d like us to either write about, or create a video tutorial for, please let us know.

PC Matic customers, if you need further assistance with PC Matic, you may contact our technicians through our online helpdesk at

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9 thoughts on “How To: Undo Changes PC Matic Made

  1. I get this message on a blue screen after a restart ‘Inaccessable Boot Device’ then the computer restarts showing the same message. The computer goes into a repair that doesn’t work. I choose the system restore for an earlier date that will restore the computer. Do you have any ideas on the problem?

    • It very well could, or it could mean your hard drive has crashed. You can try doing a system restore — it won’t hurt anything. Although, if it is a crashed hard drive, you’ll need to replace it with a new one.

  2. More a suggestion than anything.

    Our elderly aunt has a very slow dial up connection and this makes it impossible to use PC Matic.

    She can use a broadband connection when at her aunts (over 90) during the week.

    If it were only possible for her to download updates onto her laptop and then transfer to her desktop and scan at home it would make life a lot easier for us all. At present I am her go to young computer person (I’m 63!) and have to try to help her sort crashes etc. on the phone 6000 miles distant – I’m in Wales UK and she is in California.

    I have been able to forget almost all that I knew about computers since installing PC Matic and it would give great peace of mind not having to wait until the next – ‘Jon, you know the thing on the computer that makes it work, well, er, it doesn’t…..’

    Thanks for a great product,


  3. Some months ago I purchased your product ,did not work got my refund , The only thing wrong was that it ruined my lab top computer . It does not work L cannot do anything with it I just let it lay there and gather dust ,I went to a couple of places and they wanted to charge me more then its worth , Best Buy was one it use to be a good computer SAMSUNG 10 inch model # N140 can you help at least put it back so that I can use it ,I cannot connect to the internet ,All I want is put back .Thank You Henry A Hempfling

    • Henry, our support team could assist you in undoing a change that our software may have made. If you contact them at and explain to them what is wrong with your computer. Let them know if it powers on, if it freezes, doesn’t connect to the internet, etc. The more detail you can provide the better so they can help determine a fix.

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