Kaspersky Remains in Hot Water

Kaspersky Continues to Struggle

Since May of 2017, Russian-based security company, Kaspersky Labs has been in hot water with the US government and major retailers.  Concerns arose when alleged ties were exposed between the Russian government and Kaspersky Labs.  The initial domino that seemed to set everything into motion was when the US government expressed major concerns regarding Kaspersky Labs being an approved security vendor to be used on US government devices.  Not long after this concern was brought to light, Congress began the litigation process towards banning the Russian-based security company from being used on government devices.

The US government then banned Kaspersky from being used on any military devices.  Shortly after this, the FBI encouraged all private sector companies to reevaluate their use of Kaspersky Labs products.  This could be what led to the number one electronics retailer, Best Buy, pulling Kaspersky products from its retail and online stores.  In the same week, Office Depot also pulled Kaspersky Labs products from their online and retail stores.

Now, the US government has ordered all federal agencies to evaluate their security solutions.  If they are currently using Kaspersky products, they will have until mid-December to remove the security program and replace it with an alternative solution.

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