$10M Available in Refunds for Tech Support Victims

The FTC Orders Advanced Tech Support to Pay $10M in Refunds

Advanced Tech Support, previously known as Inbound Call Experts, is a company that used online ads, search results and even partnered with software companies to scam users.  The ads/alerts were claiming the device was in need of technical support and the user was urged to call Advanced Tech Support to remediate the issue.  However, there was never an issue with the device.

The FTC recently won a case against Advanced Tech Support.  The company was ordered to pay $10 million in restitution for the victims of their scams.  Soon, the FTC will be sending out emails to those who are entitled to a partial refund.  The FTC stated,

“The FTC’s emails about refunds in this case will come from subscribe@subscribe.ftc.gov. Your email will have a claim number and a PIN that will give you access to apply for a refund. If you get an email, follow the instructions and respond by October 27, 2017.   If you choose, you don’t have to click on the link in the email. You can start the claims process at ftc.gov/TechSupport or call the refund administrator at 877-793-0908.”

Please keep in mind, any legitimate FTC refund does not cost the recipient anything.  If someone is claiming to be from the FTC, but reports they must receive a payment to grant the refund — it is a scam.

With the news of this payout, it would not be surprising if scammers portrayed the FTC, or sent out “lookalike” emails, with malicious links.  It would be best practice to follow the alternative methods the FTC is providing.  Again, those methods are filing a claim though ftc.gov/TechSupport or calling the refund administrator at 877-793-0908.

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2 thoughts on “$10M Available in Refunds for Tech Support Victims

  1. My husband and I were conned by these guys. Recently we received the FTC’s e-mail about making a claim. We will definitely be doing that. Thanks PCMatic for verifying that the FTC’s e-mail to us is not another fraud.

  2. you make it sound like the doofuses who fell for that aren’t too stupid to tie their own shoelaces. I think you’re wrong about that.

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