Simple Tips to Increase Your Internet Speeds

Tips to Boost Internet Speeds

There are fewer things more irritating than a slow internet connection.  Here are a few simple tips that may help boost your internet speeds.

  • Reset your router.  Think of this as a similar “fix” as restarting your PC.  Sometimes it helps to simply reset your router to force it to re-calibrate and establish a fresh connection.
  • Secure your connection.  By securing your connection, you are implementing a password required for devices to use your WiFi.  When you set up your password, make it something difficult to guess.  Your last name or house number isn’t going to keep your connection secure for long.
  • Shut down devices not being used.  Tablets or secondary PCs that are still on, are likely connected to your WiFi.  The more devices connected, the slower your WiFi speeds will be.  If you’re not using them, shut them down.
  • Check router placement.  If you are able, put your router in a central location.  This will allow for similar speeds throughout your house.  If you have a designated office space or PC station, then you’ll want your router there.  However, for more “mobile” users, a centrally located router will best suit the user’s needs.

To test your internet speed, you can do so here.

Do you have any more tips?  Please share below what you have done that successfully boosted your internet speeds.

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