What to Expect With the Growing Internet of Things (IoT)

Technology continues to advance, as quickly as on a daily basis.  It can be hard to keep up with all of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including televisions, appliances, watches, phones, tablets, automobiles, and everything in between.

IoT Devices Lack Security

One of the biggest concerns as technology continues to advance, is the lack of security for each of these devices.  Late last year, the IoT industry saw its first ransomware attack on a smart television, proving just how vulnerable these devices are when it comes to hackers.  Ransomware also recently took down the electronic key system at a top European hotel, making room access impossible for 80 hotel guests.  With the anticipated growth within the IoT industry, we are left wondering what they will do to increase security measures on such devices to prevent future attacks.

This year, the FTC is actually hosting a contest for IoT security solutions.  Individuals are encouraged to submit their security solutions to the FTC for review and the winner will receive a $25,000 prize.

The reality is, IoT manufacturers have not stressed cyber security when creating the latest smart devices.  This is not acceptable.  According to Media Post, by 2021 there will be 46 billion IoT devices used worldwide.  Assuming cyber security continues to be a nonexistent priority for these developers, that is 46 billion devices vulnerable to attack.

What to Expect

The IoT trends will not slow down anytime soon.  We live in a society where people want the latest and greatest of everything.  With a demand like that, suppliers will continue to feed the wants of the consumers.  However, they need to do so by creating a product that is secure against today’s cyber threats.  And if they can’t, we need a third-party solution that can keep our devices safe.

Until that happens, expect an increased number of malware attacks on these devices.  Whether it is ransomware, viruses, or scams.  These devices are vulnerable, and hackers couldn’t be more aware.


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