Ransomware Locks 80 Hotel Guests Out of Their Rooms

Hackers Paid to Restore System After Ransomware Locks Guests Out of Rooms

Top European hotel, Romantik Seehotel Jägerwirt, located in Austria, was recently infected with ransomware.  The variant, although unknown, took complete control of the hotel’s day-to-day operations.  This included not only encrypting hotel files, but also interrupting their electronic key system for guest rooms.

Due to 80 guests being unable to access their rooms, hotel officials felt as though they had no choice but to pay the ransom.  The hotel paid the cyber criminals 1,500 EURO (roughly $1,600 USD).  Upon doing so, the hotel’s systems were restored.

The Romantik Seehotel Jägerwirt hotel is currently considering additional measures to avoid a similar situation in the future.  Live Bitcoin News reported one idea being suggested is replacing the electronic locking systems with a traditional lock, with a physical key to gain access.

Ransomware Attacks

To see a full list of ransomware attacks that have taken place so far in 2017, you can click here.  We have also created a ransomware map, see below, of the ransomware attacks that have taken place in the U.S. this year.

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2 thoughts on “Ransomware Locks 80 Hotel Guests Out of Their Rooms

  1. It seems that these days PCPitstop is totally infatuated with Ransomware. It’s getting tiresome because you are not or your can’t do anything to alleviate the situation so it is useless to keep bringing this to our attention. Is this a tactic or manoeuvre intended to push PCMatic? Boring.

    • Today has been filled with ransomware–you’re right! Typically we try and create some variation with our posts, but there were quite a few recent attacks, which we try and write about as the become public. I appreciate your feedback. Have a great day!

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