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Controlling Spam – The Top 4 Things You Need to Know

We all get them, those annoying emails that tend to fill up our mailboxes that we don’t want, need or read.  Here are five tips to help control those spam emails.

  1. Transitioning your email to Gmail.  Gmail filters all emails as they come into your inbox.  Outlook and Yahoo do this as well; however Gmail’s filtering algorithm tends to have higher accuracy.  If you choose to move your email account to Gmail, you also have the option to forward all emails from other email addresses directly to your new Gmail account.  You can do so by going to Settings>>Accounts>>Add a mail account you own.
  2. Marking messages as spam.  Within your inbox you have the option to mark messages as spam.  By doing so, the email engine will automatically flag all new messages from that sender as spam.
  3. Create a spam filter.  Email engines give you the option to filter your messages.  Within Gmail you can do so by going into the Settings>>Filters>>Create new filter.  This will allow you to enter any email addresses to automatically quarantine them as spam.
  4. Creating disposable email accounts.  It seems like you can’t go to a website anymore without having to put in your email address.  Not only do these websites use them, but some also sell their mailing list to spammers.  By creating a disposable email address, you won’t stop the spam from coming.  However, you divert it to an alternative email address instead of sending it to your primary account.

I hope these tips help you to avoid plethora of spam that tends to make its way into your email.

What solutions are you currently using to control spam?

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2 thoughts on “Controlling Spam – The Top 4 Things You Need to Know

  1. Randy it is your turn I hav a ticket #SCR-758-79541 my problem is that I am sendint out spam according to they say I am blocked with a code of CXBL!

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