Hackers Welcome: Microsoft Security Hole Remains Unpatched

A security vulnerability within the Microsoft software has been exploited and there is yet to be a patch to fix the issue.  Fortune reported Google notified Microsoft of the security issue on October 21st.  Typically when a vulnerability is found by Google, they provide 60 days for a patch; however, since this particular vulnerability has already been exploited by cyber criminals, that timetable is cut down to one week.

As of today, this security gap remains exposed.  This is clearly a security concern, and Microsoft software users must proceed with caution.  In the meantime, there are a few pieces of good news: ways to protect yourself until Microsoft offers a solution to the security hole.

  1. Chrome has actually began blocking certain system calls, which prevents exploitation of the security gap.   So if you are using the Google Chrome browser, you should be safe.
  2. Any malicious executables used through the Microsoft security vulnerability will be blocked by PC Matic.
  3. According to The Verge, exploiting this security vulnerability requires collusion with the security gap associated with Adobe Flash.  Since being notified of the security gap, Adobe has fixed their security hole, therefore as long as your Flash is updated you should be safe.


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7 thoughts on “Hackers Welcome: Microsoft Security Hole Remains Unpatched

  1. “A security vulnerability within the Microsoft software has been exploited and there is yet to be a patch to fix the issue”

    Nothing new then.

    Some day in the distant future MS will release a windows without holes.

    Maybe if they cut out all of the bells and whistles it would be more secure ?

  2. Edge has an Adblocker now. And W10 users should not be affected since no separate AF is needed as long as you use Edge.

  3. Just a guess but it does appear that Microsoft is trying to eliminate IE11 from use. It allows Ad Blockers. Edge does not. It’s about advertising income. Windows 10 is a highly overdone operating system and is a better snooper. Now all the software folks and the rest of the providers know more about a user than his grandmother does.

    • Microsoft needs to release a security patch for the hole. PC Matic is however, able to block the malware that cyber criminals may try to execute through the security hole.

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