Watch Out for The Latest Fraud Scam

This latest fraud scam is targeting past scam victims and offering fraudulent refunds…

In the past, there was a fraud scam going around that involved the cyber criminals portraying themselves as the Federal Trade Commission.  This scam has been resolved.  However, the hackers are switching their approach to target those scam victims with a phishing scam offering a “refund”.  Unfortunately, this casts doubt on all FTC refunds.  So, here is what you need to know.

First, if you were a victim of the initial fraud scam, please know this “refund” is being offered by the cyber criminals, NOT the FTC.  Second, if you are expecting a refund from the FTC, you may check the status of this refund at  Do not, and I repeat do NOT, use the link or attachment provided in an email.

If you receive an email from an official-looking sender, it can be quite tempting to see what this “refund” is about.  However, it is best practice to proceed with caution.  Look up the sender’s phone number and call them to inquire the validity of the email.  Do not open any links or attachment until confirming the authenticity of the email.

It is important you get the sender’s phone number from an alternate source, and don’t use what is in the email.  Why?  Because if it’s a fake, the phone number is likely the scammer.


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One thought on “Watch Out for The Latest Fraud Scam

  1. I was offered a so-called refund last week. I just hung up on the caller. It made me think that we are so vulnerable to these people (crooks). I’m confident they are in a different country. They have every tempting come-on memorized. Is there a way to report these attempts and expect any resolution? I appreciate the advice you give, but I wish there was an App or some way of easily defending ourselves from these people in real-time. Any guidance?

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