Hitler Ransomware – No Joke

Another ransomware variant, called Hitler ransomware, has been developed, and its not executing the same as its counterparts…

According to Motherboard, Hitler ransomware was first discovered by AVG analyst Jakub Kroustek.  Here is what we know about the malware:

  • It is still in the developmental stages
  • It is believed to be German made, due to a block of German text found within the malware
  • Once infected, there is a one hour timer that starts with a giant picture of Hitler
  • It does not encrypt your files, but removes the file extension
  • The ransom demanded is a Vodafone Card, which can be purchased for 25 euros
  • Once time is up, Windows crashes and the blue screen of death appears
  • After rebooting, your files are deleted

Before falling victim, to this latest ransomware, be sure your operating system and applications are all updated.  Also, be sure your aware of the current cyber security threats, and means that hackers are using to try and scam PC users.  Lastly, ensure your security software is updated and scanning as it should.  It has been recommended by various third-parties that individuals begin using security software that implements application whitelisting technology.  PC Matic for home users, and PC Matic Pro for business use, utilize these technologies to ensure they’re providing the best in proactive detection.


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