PC Matic Pro Meeting R & J Auto Group’s Security Needs And Then Some…

R & J Auto Group, a Midas Auto service franchise, in West Palm Beach, Florida found PC Matic Pro for their security software needs…

Why PC Matic Pro?

Ron Katz is no stranger to IT, having run the IT department for a large auto dealership group for the last 20 years. When it came time to secure the endpoints for his company, R & J Auto Group, PC Matic Pro was his first choice. “We have 3 locations, which are Midas Auto Service franchises. We use our computers for our point-of-sale system, looking up parts, and stuff like that,” Ron explained. “We were looking for an all-in-one solution, where I’m able to remote login.”

Installing, Configuring and Using PC Matic Pro

“It was so easy. All I had to do was create the installer, tell it which location I wanted the computer to be under, and that was it. It was a very, very easy process for us.” As the President of a small company, Ron wears many hats, including maintaining the endpoints of all 3 locations. “If I need to do any work on something, I just pull up Margate or West Palm Beach or Home, and it shows all my computers under that location. It makes it very easy to work on.”

Features of PC Matic Pro

“The system is great, and you can’t go wrong for the price.  The value you get for the price is just incredible.  What I like a lot, on the dashboard, it shows me the RAM; how much memory is being used. One was showing me that I’m using ‘X’ amount of memory, so I upped the memory to make the machine run even better. So there’s a lot of preventative stuff that it does for me as well.” Ron explained, detailing his favorite PC Matic Pro features. “If something is showing that should not be there or looks fishy, it flags it right away. As far as my machines go, I’ve had, knock on wood, no issues whatsoever with viruses or ransomware or anything like that, coming across our systems at all.”

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