New Malware Quietly Gathers Data to Blackmail You

A new malware starts to blackmail victims, but not for the usual cash payout…

A new malware, called Delilah, worms its way into your PC from adult entertainment and gaming sites.  The malware sits on your PC, quietly gathering information about you, your family and friends, employer and even recording you through you webcam.  This process is quite labor intensive.  The data is collected, then someone goes through it all to find their best target.

What is interesting, is the hackers aren’t demanding money.  Once they find their ideal targets and have the information they want to use to execute the blackmail, the demand made to the victim is for insider secrets from their employer.

According to Computer World, Delilah has not hit the common black market yet.  It is reported the malware is only being utilized among “closed” criminal hacker groups.  Of these groups, if any of the criminals want to use the malware, but don’t have the adequate skills to do so, they have designated services to assist them in successfully executing the program.  Wow–how helpful.

To adequately prevent potential infection, it is suggested to avoid risky sites such as adult entertainment and gaming sites.  In the work place, it is advised these sites are blocked.  Also, be sure your devices’ updates are current for not only the operating systems but all applications as well.  It is also encouraged business and home users begin implementing an application whitelisting technology to help prevent any unwanted programs from executing on their devices.

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