LinkedIn Reports 117M Credentials Leaked

A 2012 report stated 6.5 million records were leaked from LinkedIn; however over four years later it is discovered that number is way off…

Years after a hack, it is not uncommon for the stolen data to be sold on the dark market.  However, it wasn’t until recently that LinkedIn users were aware that instead of 6.5 million records being leaked in 2012, there were actually 117 million.  Since this data is being sold on the dark market, the social media platform is sending out emails encouraging users to reset their passwords.  According to KnowBe4, the hackers are doing the same!

The scammers are preying on your fear, and are hoping that you will click on their fake email to provide them more information regarding your account.  If you choose to reset your password, I would strongly encourage that you do so directly through instead going through an email.  This eliminates the chance of erroneously clicking on the fake email and providing additional credentials to the scammers.

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2 thoughts on “LinkedIn Reports 117M Credentials Leaked

  1. I NEVER click email attachments anymore unless I am expecting it or know where it’s coming from. All of this ransomware crap is making soooo paranoid!

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