With Free Security Tools – Why Buy AV Software?

There are free security software programs and PC optimization tools available–why do I need PC Matic?

There are free anti-virus and malware programs available, why buy PC Matic when I can get similar tools for free?  

  • This is true, there are free software programs and tools available, which we actively promote through our newsletters, forums, and blogs.  However, none of these programs offer exactly what PC Matic does.
  • PC Matic is a superior security software, that uses our proprietary whitelisting technology.  This is technology is not available with any other programs.
  • Recent third party testing by Virus Bulletin showed PC Matic detects more malware than the competition by 4.5%
  • PC Matic also includes different components to optimize your PC’s performance, as well as an active ad blocker.
  • PC Matic combines all of this functionality into a simple to use, cloud based interface that can be accessed and managed from any internet connected device.

Other tools are available to optimize my PC, so PC Matic’s optimization tools don’t matter… 

  • Yes, you can manually go through and update your drivers, clean out junk files, erase your temporary files, deactivate unnecessary tasks, etc.  Or, you could have a program that does all of that, and more.
  • PC Matic scheduler will automate the maintenance necessary to keep your system operating at peak performance.  PC Matic can be set to automatically optimize your PC – at your convenience.

Say I buy it, how would I know if PC Matic is working?

  • PC Matic runs in the background of your PC, so you probably won’t notice it working unless you see a pop-up at the bottom of your screen stating Super Shield blocked an application or file from running.
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  • Upon completion of PC Matic’s scan of your computer, you will receive an email with the results of the scan, as well as the action taken.

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5 thoughts on “With Free Security Tools – Why Buy AV Software?

  1. Can I use another security program such as “Vipre” and have PC Matic on my computer all at the same time and there will be no conflict between them?

  2. “PCMatic runs in the background…so you probably won’t notice it working..”
    “Upon completion of PC Matics scan…you will receive an email with the results of the scan.”
    Wow, clicking on an unexpected email or link it contains. Sounds like a hackers dream situation to me.
    Getting people who paid money for safety to click on something they erroneously believe came from their paid safety provider.
    Are you sure this system is as safe as you claim?

    • I certainly understand the risk of clicking on an unexpected email or unknown link. As we know, scammers hide their malicious code in various means that we trust (ex: popular ads, emails from known senders, etc.). However, the emails that we send are scheduled, right after the weekly scan. Thus, taking the “unexpected” element out of them. Also, they do not include a required action. The email is an informative piece that state in no certain terms: a scan was completed, here are the results, the problems have been rectified.

      Thanks for your question!

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