Celebgate Ends in Plea Deal

A plea deal was entered by the individual responsible for “Celebgate”…

As Ryan Collins enters his plea deal for hacking more than 100 people in 2014, primarily consisting of celebrities, people question if the legal consequences will generate any hesitation for future phishing scams.  According to PC Pitstop’s Vice President of Cybersecurity, Dodi Glenn, it probably will not.  Glenn reported to TechNewsWorld, “Hackers want the notoriety and their 15 minutes of fame”.

Others reported concerns to TechNewsWorld that the focus shouldn’t be this one person who worked alone, but to find the hackers of larger attacks such as Target’s breach in 2013.  Many of these larger attacks costs Americans millions of dollars, yet the legal systems is focusing on making an example out of the man who hacked roughly 100 people?  Understandably, hacking is illegal, regardless of the number of victims or financial impact.  But should who the victims are constitute a higher priority?

See what else Glenn, and other security pros had to say about the plea deal here.


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