How to Get PC Matic Support

How to Get PC Matic Support

Help!! I need help with PC Matic, and I don’t know how to get it!!!

What kind of support is available for PC Matic? 

PC Matic offers technical support seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. EST. 

In our 16+ years of business we have found online and email support to be the most effective and efficient for our consumers.

Does PC Matic support cost me anything? 

Absolutely not!  Our trained technical support team is available seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. EST to help you with all of your support needs, free of charge!

6 Ways to Contact PC Matic

  1.  Online support can be accessed directly at
  2. Direct support requests can be sent to
  3. A link to our support page can be found on as by clicking “Support” followed by “Customer Service” home_page
  4. A link to our support page can be found on as by clicking “Support” followed by “Customer Service”.  pcm_support
  5. A link to our support page can also be found within the PC Matic application. 

     6.   You can also submit a product question through our Forums.

How do I submit a request for assistance for my PC Matic software? 

  1. Go to, or access our support page via or as described above. 
  2. You will then be prompted to answer questions based upon your assistance needs, as seen below.  Capture
  3. If you are still in need of technical assistance, you will have the option to create a help desk ticket, as seen here.  helpdesk_ticket
  4. Upon completion you will receive a help desk ticket number, with instructions to check you email for a confirmation email from 

hd ticket

To access the full PC Matic User Guide, click here.

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28 thoughts on “How to Get PC Matic Support

  1. A couple of days ago I got PCMatic for $50 and down loaded it. This morning I got a message that PCMatic needed to run and check my computer. It found some problems. To fix this I was told in order to repair these problems it would cost another $50. This was not my understanding per what I read ant what the TV add said. So will PCMatic protect my computer without paying another $50. If so then great, it not why?

    • There is no need to pay the additional $50. You’ve already paid for the software, and once paid, there is no additional costs. Could you send our helpdesk team a screenshot of the message you’re getting? You may submit a ticket at

      You should be able to click “Next” after the scan is complete, on the scan results page, and it will make all suggested changes. You’ll then need to restart your PC.

  2. I keep getting calls from PC Matic. The guy tells me I have a refund of $750 they charged me because I haven’t been using it. They sent me an email I am supposed to open to find out how to get the money. I’m afraid it is phishing and am afraid to open it but took a photo of the odd address. Is this your company? Are you giving me a refund?

    • Thank you for reaching out. We do not have any record of a refund for you. Do not correspond with these individuals, it appears to be a scam.

  3. Hi There;

    We are not PC Matic users (yet) but wish PC Matic could help with quick deleting of all those
    ads that keep showing up even when one takes time to unscribe and these ads just keep on
    showing up for the next month. We need quick relief!

    • Hi Karen, We have an adblocking tool that is integrated in with PC Matic. Unfortunately, we do not have a standalone adblocker product. For best ad blocking relief, we encourage users to use the Chrome browser.

  4. Hi There;
    We are not PC Matic users (yet). We wish there was some way to cut out all those ads that keep
    reappearing, even when one takes the time to inscribe. Frustrating when you spend more time
    deleting than doing your work.

  5. need to get my MONEY back this does not work told me to buy this program again I did from Amazon send back my money asasp

  6. If you think i need to modify my post, you may need to try it for your self. why can’t I call you? I need help sooner than tomorrow, a holiday!

      • Hi Ernie,
        It looks like our helpdesk has responded to all of your requests. They also sent them from an alternative email account, as it appeared they were not being delivered. If you have not received the most recent ticket response from Thomas Reagan, please let us know. It was sent about 30 minutes ago.

  7. I bought PC Matic yesterday. first I tried loading on my win 10 notebook, nothing worked properly. I had to have a tech to go in and resolve the problems. Today, i loaded on my desktop win 10. Again, didn’t load right, another long back and forth with the tech. Finally he resolve all problems.
    Now, I still have a droid tablet and an iphone. Guess what, NOTHING WORKED.
    Very disappointed, they should spend more on making their software work as well as their other virus software makers.

  8. I have had PC Matic for over a year now and my computer has not worked well since I cancelled McAfee……I need
    a computer scan and problems fixed…I work from home and it is very frustrating when I have to borrow a laptop to complete my work….I have registered a ticket but still nothing…please help me…
    If it cannot be fixed, please let me know and please cancel and refund my payment..

    Thank you so much

    • @Delores Walker: Hello Delores, it looks like our support team replied back to your last support request within a few hours, although the replies may be getting lost in your spam or junk folders. Please check to see if our replies are getting labeled spam or junk and add our email address to your inbox. You can also email directly for support. Please try completing a manual scan on your computer and see if it completes. I have copied one reply from our team on your support ticket below. Please provide any details from the scan to them at

      Thank you for contacting PC Pitstop Customer Service.

      Let’s ensure the program is working correctly.

      At your convenience, open PC Matic and scan your device.

      If the scan does not complete, please let us know where in the process it is stopping, and if any error messages are present.

      If the scan does complete, please be certain that your computer is set to enter sleep mode after 1 hour and set to enter hibernation mode, Never.

      Here is a convenient guide on how to adjust your computer sleep and hibernation modes:

      Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

    • Hi Delores, It looks like Vince replied to your helpdesk ticket the same day you submitted it (June 16th). Please check your spam folder, as at times a legitimate email will be trapped there. In the meantime I will also copy his response and send you an email with the contents. Please let us know if you have further issues. Thank you!

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