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PC Magazine provides review of PC Matic, PC Pitstop’s security software…

Neil Rubenking of PC Magazine did a complete review of PC Matic, including its functionality and product features.  Initially, he said he wrote off the software as nonsense.  However, after his review, Rubenking rated the software “Good”, giving it 3 out of 5 stars.

He commented on the “simple installation”, as well as the product’s ICSA Certification.

“PC Matic has received certification from ICSA Labs for malware detection. Certification is not a matter of percentages—if a product doesn’t hit the goal, the lab reports what went wrong and gives the product another try. Achieving certification is clear confirmation that the product works.”

Rubenking commented on the speed of the software, reporting it ran quickly, even with all of the optimization tests.  He stated the program was affordable, and was quite good at blocking malware.  Rubenking concluded his article with the following statement:

“PC Pitstop’s PC Matic is an effective antivirus and system optimization tool.”

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