Free Cyber Security Training For PC Matic Users

KnowBe4 now offers FREE cyber security training for PC Matic users…

In the physical world, we rely on the police and other security agencies to keep us protected from criminals. We feel safe, knowing these agencies exist to protect us. However, we don’t rely on them for 100% of our safety, since we know there are things we can do on our own to decrease the chances of getting attacked. You lock your doors at night, hide valuable items from plain view when leaving your car in a parking lot, don’t reveal personal information to strangers; the list goes on. Commonly, we refer to this as having street smarts.

Unfortunately, when it comes to cyber safety, most people completely rely on protection from others; their antivirus software, government cyber security agencies and built­-in security features in email, just to name a few. While these forms of security can stop a lot of cyber attacks, especially if you’re being protected by PC Matic’s whitelist technology, knowing how the criminal underworld operates and how criminals steal information is key to protecting yourself in the cyber world. For example, a simple Microsoft Word document sent through email, can contain malicious code that can steal a username and password, all without the user even knowing that it happened.

While cyber criminals continue to engineer new ways to exploit information, there are several preemptive steps that users can take to lessen their probability of falling prey to these schemes. That’s why PC Matic has partnered with KnowBe4, to provide every new PC Matic subscriber access to free, top­notch cyber security training. Think of this as having internet street smarts.

KnowBe4 cyber security training gives you all of the information you need as an internet user,  to understand what kind of information criminals are after, how they gain access to it and how you can recognize attacks before falling victim to them. Just as we would use our street smarts to recognize that we shouldn’t give a ride to a stranger, eat random food we find laying on the ground or fall into any other seemingly­ obvious safety risks in the physical world, the knowledge our customers will gain from their KnowBe4 security training will allow them to recognize comparable risks in the cyber world, such as opening email attachments from unknown senders, giving personal information to thieves disguised as credible institutions, and more. 

Information regarding access to KnowBe4 training will be included in the invoice email sent upon completion of a PC Matic license purchase.  If you are already a PC Matic user and want to utilize this service, you can obtain the access information by contacting us at

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35 thoughts on “Free Cyber Security Training For PC Matic Users

  1. interested in your product. Can I also install on I phone. What is your customer service phone number. What if i need you to install it? Does support tech come with purchase

    • Yes, PC Matic is an anti-virus software, that also includes software patch management, driver updates, PC optimization and maintenance tools, adblocking technology, and free cyber security training.

  2. Can I order thru a real live person??? I want to order but have questions I need answered personally.
    you can reach me Thank You.

  3. My printer is malfunctioning and I was advised to clear my computer of malware that is interfering with the signals between them. It starts printing too low on the page. If I install your program, will this fix the problem?

    • It’s doubtful that malware would cause this issue in your computer/printer. Have you tried running the printers internal cleaning features? There is often options for a head cleaning/nozzle adjustment/ etc. Look for these options on the printer and run them, then print a test page to see if it is fixed. We’d still love to have you as a PC Matic customer to ensure there is no malware on your machine, but if there is it’s unlikely it’s causing that issue on your printer. Have a great weekend!

    • Yes, PC Matic is available for Android devices and can be downloaded at the Google Play Store. You can add it to your existing subscription as one of your 5 devices per license key.

  4. I need to contact you by phone so I can hear what is it you offer I don’t follow you.
    My wife & I are disabled Tv & or computers all we can do. Can you help me ????
    We have lost two computers Someone locks them up. can’t afford a website.
    Please reply.
    J.L. Wake

  5. I signed up, and downloaded the program. I ended up wit a mess, with reimagine BS, and had to have my cmpt.cleaned up by a profesional and during that event they deleted PC Matic also. They inserted Avira for viruses, and I could never get to the Shield protection .. I need for you to tell how to re-install your product, or I NEED a refund. My cmpt. is running slow.. Help Please…

  6. Ok, if I buy the 5 computors for life for $150 and upgrade to a new computer. Can I transfer the license to another computer.

  7. I seldom use Linked in. The information leaked is most likely old and useless. I plan to close the account and remain vigilant in real space time and cyber space time.

  8. I would like to purchase this, but do not want to put credit card info. on the computer. Is that possible?

  9. I just bought PC Matic computer protection including the CD. How does the protection work?
    Do I wait for the Back up CD? What’s the next step to protect my first computer?

    • The security software is $50 for up to five computers. So if you just have one, it would still be $50 for annual coverage.

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